Known as Mrs. Idle in ’07-’09 as “the homemaker with a preschooler, a toddler and a house to run.”

Re-entered the rat race as “TheWorkingMomWithNoMaid” in 2009 – 2012.

Now she’s back to TheSAHMLifestyle to her 2 Chicas (age 7 & 10).

She’s the one with the Creative Soul – still in search of the perfect way to express herself.

She’s the Inseparable One w her iPhone. Used to wake up to Zumba & Dragonboating on Weekends.

She’s successfully completed her #Mission2013 – To run as many 5K races as she can!

#Mission2014 – To run as many 10K races – first quarter of 2014 kinda took a slight detour as #RunningSAHMSG is now known as #TheRunningHijabster and #ANewbieHijabiSister since World Hijab Day 2014.

So, come on over and say Hi! And oh! She’s a full-on Gemini who loves playing Virtual Cheerleader to Runners everywhere – especially with her RunningMom friends in Singapore – SGRunningMoms.wordpress.com


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