How hard is it to run?
It’s just placing that one foot after the other.

It’s an everlasting love for some.
Or it could be a love/hate kind – just like mine.

I love running. Or maybe it’s just the post-running endorphin talking.

Or jog.

Today I felt like a rollypolly thumping the ground. My shadow so wide I couldn’t recognise myself.

“I Run Because I Can.”
That didn’t quite work for me tonight.
Tonight, I felt like that big guy in the NIKE ad.

Last few nights I said, “I’ll go run today!”
And that ‘today’ finally happened – after weeks delayed.

I just run. I ran. I break a sweat.
I ran slow. Short distance.

Today I am someone else’s slow..
I am also someone else’s speedster.

But I am just a heavy-bottomed, cushy-tummied,  preggy-lookin’ 8 months after, mom of three – one who doesn’t have the will of those body rockers.

I am just #TheArlynistRunsAgain.
The former #RunningSAHMSG needs new challenges to overcome. — #WhateverMotivatesMe — I know.

I miss those days.

So.. Yup!
I need challenges..
Like how to rid of this pillow-like paunch that’s filled with emotions-stuffed deep inside.

Maybe a race will spark my interest once again. Oh! That bucket list!
Aaaahh I still have the time.

Or really?


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