It’s just been 29mins since the weekend goes back to weekday. And though I’m not gonna face the bleak, dreading, manic Monday like the rest of the world would tomorrow, I just feel a tad too much of the blahness in me.

Maybe it’s just one of those days..


But if I were to explain it in a gist, this is definitely it:


It wasn’t so bad for me till that post-afternoon nap. Since then, anything and everything is just OhSoAnnoying! By midnight, I wish the Mister has got some of this…

pms-for-menThe ‘SmarterMe’ decided to try some mental trickin’ like..

*lol* Now that sure helps!

Backtrack to an hour before, I’ve been scouring the net for inspiration, motivation, to just kick my bums back out the door to start running regularly like before. I’ve hid myself behind the postpartum mask for a very long time – like 5 months longer than it should.

Today, I finally realise that reality.

PSX_20150719_234403And what moved me inside was Julie’s post. – She reminded me that all I ever needed – Is Within Me. I am capable enough. I am ready to restart. I can be stronger than I used to be. I Can Do This! *InsyaAllah*

But seriously folks, with just 22 days away for my third daughter to turn 6 months old, I am still obese. Reality just punched me in my face.

PSX_20150720_000749And that’s the best kick in the bums I ever needed. The same way it moved me, three years ago. 

With just 3 days of festive eating this Eid, I just need to keep on reminding myself..


As I attempt this #RestartMission2015 like for the millionth time, I promise to keep it real. Keep it human. Keep it emotionally balanced cos, to have the opportunity to grow, birth and care for a baby this gorgeous, takes time and effort.


So what’s my #Mission2015 gonna be like till end of the year? Realistically speaking, I just wanna reclaim that strong belief in me, and to build a stronger base in my fitness level just to be sure that I can live my life to the fullest!

2015-07-20 02.08.42But first..


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