Nesting.. of the #RunningSAHMSGGoneAllPreggyKind


Yup. That’s it! Nesting! This Can’t-Wait-To-Pop-At-Just-Week-33 is making me go bonkers! My preggy brain didn’t help. The endless backache and the way I waddle now sure affects the way I sort my thoughts lately. What other thing could affect me so bad? Like for example, I know I want to.. I need to.. do up a blogpost abt what’s been happening in my life but why is it so challenging? Like right this moment.

Maybe if I start with..

I am exactly #PregDay236 today and it’s “Meet #LilMoMo Day!” for us all later. Wonder what kinda news we’re gonna get today. After that few false alarm and short weekend stay at the hospital, I just dunno what else to expect but just to wait for that gush of blood oozing outta my system – cos apparently, if anything else appears without that blood, it’ll all be some false alarm that the body’s playing tricks on ya.

The back ache and delayed movement from the waist down is becoming my ‘new norm’ which I am still struggling to live up with. Me? The one who likes zippin’ around fast and efficient just had to slow down. I dunno how long more it’s gonna be.. Three weeks maybe? But whining about it I may, part of me knows that I’m gonna be missing this AlwaysSomersaultingBabyChamp in my tumtum. The one who wouldn’t move a muscle if Dad or Eldest Sister pat on the tumtum to say Hello.. But would put up a show if SoonToBeBigSister pats on it. I see the close connection between them already!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with daily life, I’ve not even started on anything to prep for #LilMoMo. Not till Mrs. Boss asked about how far I am.. or the excitement girlpal Lizzie been reminding me of #LilMoMo’s akan datang arrival. The nesting instinct has kicked in since last week. But none close to nursery prepping at all! *lol* In denial you think?

So I have the morning to myself. I had this grand plan of cleaning up the whole house. Cos somehow, I just can’t seem to be getting any Part-Time Cleaner – CNY period I guess.   Well.. that housekeeping thought I had,  I just realized that it ended up to be a very ambitious one – which I didn’t even get to clean a single part of my house! Procrastinate? Maybe.

But I like to call it – Refocusing.

I refocused my energy, attention and mind to do one thing that I’ve been delaying since the end of 2014. – To do up #TheRunningFamily’s ‘Celebrate the Miles’ Craft Project.

So this was how it all started.


Take out the frames! Take out the treasure box! Time to play craft and sort out the bibs! Took me a few good hours – which I know for sure would just take me an hour max on usual non-preggy days to get it done. Oh I so underestimated the backbreaking part of the process too! – like all I did was just sit, arrange and voila! Geeez! *lol* Oh well..

Anyhoo.. Here’s how it all ended.

Our Humbling Beginnings..

“#TheRunningFamily’s Celebrate Your Miles #Mission2013”


1421206646167[1] 1421206768961[1] 1421206898372[1] 1421207026949[1]So.. What d’ya think? The bibs mean nothing but the memories we had – priceless! Now, I’m gonna need another frame cos someone tiny deserve having her own cos hey.. how can we forget this?

LilMoMo Running Bib


One thought on “Nesting.. of the #RunningSAHMSGGoneAllPreggyKind

  1. Wow just wow! Love what you did with the bibs and medals. They really should be cherished. I put mine in a clear file and medals are laying on a table. I really want to do something special with it too. But first I need to join more races and collect more medals again I haven’t run in almost two year since I got pregnant with my first child and now he’s almost 1. All the best with your newborn! Looking forward to more posts but I know you’ll be focusing on your little one. Take care!

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