#Mission2014 – To Run as Many 10K in 2014.. Or is it?

Lookin’ back, at all of my #Mission2013 running events – one that started off with my own silly challenge to myself – to run as many 5K in a year – which ended with such an awesome big bang! It would be so crazy if I didn’t keep that awesome vibes going for 2014.

And yes. So I did. Challenged myself again this year. #Mission2014 – to run as many 10K races in a year. And perhaps, #Mission2015 – to ace thru 21K in 2015.

That was the plan. My OhSoBrilliant Plan that was filled with so much hope, belief and was ready to go. Now.. Who would have thought, that QuickAMRun on my Birthday morning of 2014, would be a sign for me to just slow down my pace..? Nope. Not me. I didn’t even see it coming.

Way too many things been going on in my life since April this year. And all these fast-movin’ changes just made it so hard for me to notice. What started off in April – that surprise and almost instant need to move our family, to a sudden introduction to the other extended family, to that offer for me to get back to the workforce – to a place I bid goodbye nearly three years ago..

Yes. #RunningSAHMSG (Running Stay-At-Home-Mom Singapore) has now gone to be the #RunningSAHMSGBackToWork – TheCubicleDwellerReturns. Yup. I was back to the workforce – on the very next morning from that move to another rental unit.

And then nearly 3 months into the job – something else hit me.

And soon there will be three..

Yup. By the blessings of Our Maker, I was given a chance to grow another human once again. Yes. Me. Pregnant. Just when I started work. – It was all NOT part of the grand plan! NO! NEVER! What Was I Thinking!!??

But then again.. He knows Best. It took me a while for me to get it all synced in. It was challenging. All that nausea, the amplified sense of smell that just made me go so woozy, that always-sleepy-all-day-long kinda feel, that forever fatigue – day in and day out.. And on top of all that, I made myself worried sick – about work. How could I face them? Will they sack me right away? Will others talk about me behind my back? — I just gone into a whirlwind of endless worry.

But All Praises to Allah SWT, we made it thru.

And to be honest, that one thing that came to my mind when I realized I was pregnant – *gasp!* my 21K half-marathon challenge I’ve set myself up as part of my own birthday prezzie! I SO Wanna Run!!! But that 21K wasn’t gonna happen till later part of the year. November 2014.

I had a closer event to think of – my first 10K of 2014: SHAPE Run 2014.


*To be continued in next post*




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