Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “L” – ‘Live, Love, Laugh’


It was a long Good Friday/Easter weekend for us all. Some took the time out for a quick vacation. For my FamFam, it was an extra day to stay home, take it slow, just LIVE every moment, LAUGH everyday, LOVE beyond words..

We started off planning a day out to our favorite running route – The North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) Park Connector (PCN)


Unfortunately, MiLittlestChica was feeling a lil under the weather and we all decided to stay indoors instead.. – Yup. For all straight three days. And nope. We didn’t start pulling each others’ hair yet! *lol*

Blessed with two creative daughters, it didn’t take them long to figure out ways to spend their first day of holiday.. With their saved up pocket money, they bought some plastercine and voila! A whole new set of toys they’ve created to keep themselves busy – one that’s filled with lotsa storytelling between them..



Day Two of Long Weekend: With kids getting their Saturday off from their weekend class, I thought I’d let them sleep in so I could do a quick run.. But #MissionSneakOutSoloRun: ABORTED! *lol* Cos my possé caught me in action.. So it’s a Saturday AM #IRunWithMyKids – Accomplished #100HappyDays #Day81


Day Three: FunDaySunday StayHome Style – It was just a lazy-beat-the-heat type of Sunday for us all.. It’s a slow, reading, nappin’ day – though it was an ice-pack day for me. We did the next best thing – rest and nap a lil longer and we totally Snailed It! *lol*


Oh.. that didn’t last very long cos MiLittlestChica started her, “I’m Bored!” whining.. And quick thinking Big Sister, shared her brilliant idea – “Let’s Play UNO!”


With that done by lunch time, the girls planned for another family game:


So TeamDad won in our very first Pictionary game.. Though TeamMom (Me and MiLittlestChica) did our best but within that short period of time, MiLittlestChica surprised me with her brilliant leadership qualities – that for me, was the best win ever!

The always SoFullOfDrama TeamDad celebrated their win by dedicating Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ music video on repeat mode to us.. *lol* Oh well.. *lol*


We played a couple more games, like this word game I used to play during my Primary School days..


It was also a weekend about journal writing for MiLittlestChica..


And a day of sweet parenting surprise as I received this sweet little note from MiLittlestChica..


We may not celebrate Easter Sunday but with these little moments of joy we’ve shared together, it reminded us of how blessed we’ve all been.. Easter Day 2014 – We collected no chocolates but we created and collected our own memories..


One week later.. I woke up to a cool rainy Sunday. Read updates about the cancellation of half marathon event for Run 350 – that reminded me of last year’s Adidas King of the Road..


So, another #MissionQuickSneakOutSoloRun – Aborted – this time, it’s #MyMaker’s way of telling me to rest my running feet. He made it perfect for me to stay in bed and to finally read a book my beloved borrowed just for me from our public library.


I’ve just started the introduction of this book and it has already made me shed a tear.. It sure looks like it’s gonna be an awesome reading weekend for me. Another reason to reflect and appreciate the blessings I’ve been given..

It’s 27 April today and I’m still way way way behind in my Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014. Will I ever accomplish the challenge I’ve set myself up to? Still too soon for me to say cos like my favorite running mantra says, “It ain’t over till it’s over!” and “Runners – Press On!” *lol*

Three days to countdown now.. One week late in publishing up this post. But the meaning still stays the same – Live. Laugh. Love. – Any time. Any day. Any moment.

I wish you all a Lovely Sunday – One that’s filled with Laugh. Love. And Live It Up Like No Other 🙂


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