Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “K” – ‘What begins with K?’

Another night. Another LackO’Inspirio for this latecomer #AtoZChallenge blogger.

Like always, in her own usual casual way, my trusty #RunningBuddy just knew how to make me feel all right.. πŸ˜‰

Then I get more help from fellow #SGRunningMoms

Liz said..


Hilda said..


Then my mind said.. “‘K’.. Short for OK? Kindness? KK Hosp? KFC? Kway Teow Goreng? Killing Me Softly w his Songs?”

What about a playlist of my Karaoke must-haves?

Hmm… What did Dr Seuss say abt the letter K in his Dr Deuss’s ABC? Oh.. Was it..? “Kick a Kettle. And a King’s Kerrrrchhhhoo!!” *lol* Gosh.. For the first two years of motherhood, I had no choice but to keep all of CheekBabyMunster’s favorite books from Dr Seuss with me everywhere we go – and that included the audiobook version of ABC! *facepalm* 😝

K. Kitties.
Oh I’ve had kitties.
Started with a female cat ‘given’ by my GrandAunt who needed our help to babysit this kitty called Arista. She was a gentle cat. All she did all day long was to sit right on top of our fish tank!

Then she got bored. Ventured out. Got swayed by this BigHead StrayTomCat. And as nature goes, she delivered five little kitties. We named them: Dino, Rico, Sam, Donna & FarahDee.

Well, that’s just a beginning of my crazy love for cats.. After them, I’ve had gorgeous grey Persian female kitten named Nelly.

Many years later, I lived with no kitty in my life.. Till one day I had to overcome my loneliness as the love of my life had to leave the country for a few years.. And there she was. It was a love at first sight. We connected from that very first look. I named her Baby – the love of my life (then). She’s pretty much like MiLittlestChica. Such graceful princess type. Her manja-ness was over the top! Like she’ll not eat till I’m home to hand feed her biscuits personally.. And she’d always, always, sleep in my arms.

Then one fateful morning, she lost her way out of home. It broke me to pieces. Couldn’t work for days. Found her back after a week down the drain, we called her name, tried to coax her back, but she’s just not the same anymore and I lost her forever.

Since then, I didn’t wanna have another kitty. (Un)fortunately, a former colleague gave me teeny tiny kitten as a housewarming gift – yup. Like really babe? A kitty? For my new home? I was still sore from Baby’s loss.. I didn’t wanna play with this new kitty, I didn’t even wanna name her. Till MisterHubster noticed how she loved to scratch. And so, she’s named Scratchy. She was there to welcome and care my eldest child. And in some weird way, we do notice a certain streak of similar traits in CheekyBabyMunster and Scratchy.

Six months after my first delivery, we moved to Kuala Lumpur. Scratchy was left with my mom. Sadly, she went missing too 😭

There. No more kitties for me please.

Wow! Look at that! Thought I had no idea what to blog about the letter “K”!

So what begins with “K”?
– Kindness
– Kandang Kerbau Hospital
– Kentucky Fried Chicken
– Kway Teow Goreng
– Killing Me Softly w his Songs
– Karaoke playlist
– Kuala Lumpur
– “Kick a Kettle. And a King’s Kerrrrchhhhoo!!”

Oh wait! I actually came up with this. It’s one of those games I used to play post-exam period during my Primary School years..


Look familiar? *Hee2*

Alrighty now. There you have it – My #AtoZChallenge blog post for the letter “K”

What’s “L” gonna be for me next? Let’s wait and see.. 😏

Thank you once again for reading this babbleofapost.. Truly humbled. Share me your blog URL if have any – would love to go over and read your awesome stories.. ☺️

Till then.. Enjoy the long weekend folks!


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