Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “I” – ‘INSPIRATION’

Wednesday. 16 April 2014. Singapore.

“Tis the day after my AM Run in ages. I kept getting this in my mind..


*lol* Okay maybe not exactly on ‘major fire’ but just the usual achy feeling – old already mah :p

I was considering another AM Run today but LOVE my legs too much to not wanna go too fast too soon – just like silly ol’ me before :p

Then I came across this tweet..

"What Do You Get To Do Today?"
“What Do You Get To Do Today?”

@DyanDiamond‘s blogpost became my Inspiration of the Day.

And so I decided. With my trusted 6 year old rusty creaky bike, I took it out for a spin. It’s been months. Fear crept in my head – what if.. I don’t have the helmet yet.. (Note to Self: Get Bike Helmet ASAP).. I’m too unfit to bike too far.. what if I get bored?

The same thing they say about running:

“The first mile is mental. The rest are all heart..”

– unknown

Gave myself an hour to get out there and have some playtime. An hour later, I’m all fully-pumped with my endorphins topped-up for the day! *Yeeeehoo!*

"Ready? Steady? Go BIKE!"
“Ready? Steady? Let’s Go BIKE!”
"Just completed a 12.40 km bike - MissionTopUpTheEndorphins - Accomplished!"
“MissionTopUpTheEndorphins – Accomplished!”

 Now, what’s next on my to do list? *hee2*

So tell me my dear readers, what did you get to do today? What inspires you? What makes you happy? I so wanna know! *wink*

Wishing you an awesome day ahead.. I wish you well.




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