Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “H” – ‘Headaches. Health. Hope. (Stay) Humble.’


Monday 14 April 2014

It’s that time again. The afternoon heat triggered it. That I’m sure. It’s not fun. The fatigue. The slow to respond as I try to ignore the dull feeling on my forehead, tensed neck, heavy eyes. To those who’re blessed without this frequent headaches, it seemed as though it was just plain ol’ general malaise. An hour of ice pack on my head, back of neck, upper back and generous application of my newfound trust in Mentholatum’s Deep Heating Rub – that half hour self-massage finally eased my pain. After a year of monitoring my headache frequencies, I’m able to manage it better.

So what’s a visual person like me do next to trace back the progress and triggers regarding my headaches? – Yups. My Instagram. *harrrharrrharrrr*  :p

And that’s pretty much the reason how I started my following day..

Tuesday 15 April 2014

It’s been months.. I’ve been on the laylow mode and it’s just been way too long. It’s an internal struggle. Excuse? Valid reason? I’m aware of what it’s all about..

Last evening’s headache though it wasn’t intense, I kinda noticed how it seems to attack me nearly every fortnight. As tricky as it has always been, I gotta take note of the my food intake, hydration, lifestyle habits, weather, stress level, hormonal or not.. Long list.. But it ain’t as bad cos I’m still alive and breathing  *Syukur Alhamdullilah*

Thanks to my headache & flippin’ through my Instagram pics, it gave me a reason to get my lazy running bums out there in the park right after dropping the kids off to school.

It’s been a year.. Here’s my reason for the return of my AM Run.

Just a year ago.. #RunForBoston
Just a year ago.. #RunForBoston

And a year later..

In Memory of #RunForBoston   #Mission2014 RestartOneMoreTime! #100HappyDays #Day77 run

I was reminded of that fateful day. I know no one from that Boston Marathon. I’ve never been to Boston! But it reminded me of how similar we all are – no matter where we are, from, color, race, status, age, faith – Life is such a fragile thing. Anything can happen..

I was also reminded of my #Mission2013


I got distracted along the way.. That’s okay. All is good and well. I’m not built to be perfect. But to LIVE a real life. So I’ll pick up the pace once again..

I’ve declined quite a number of running events from friends this year. Sad.. Sorry gals.. 😦  My fitness has just taken a dip way too deep for me to just sign up for another.. Though I do have two or wait.. maybe three *hee2* running events for the second half of 2014. Will it happen? *InsyaAllah* God’s Willing, it may be..

I’m pretty excited to see how I’m gonna soar once again – this time with the wisdom of #RunningSAHMSG and the spiritual calmness of #TheNewbieHijabster — I have a good feeling about this! The only thing left right now is to get my calendars packed with AM Runs once again!

What perfect way for me to end today’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014 for the letter “H” – “H” for ‘Headaches. Health. Hope. (Stay) Humble.’ cos like that cherry on top of that gorgeous ice cream sundae, I received awesome, humbling, inspiring, SisterhoodOfTheWorkOutTweeterFriends type of Tweet.. Love y’all! xx

IMG_1820[2]IMG_1815[1] IMG_1816[1]

 Tweets that motivate, and even the smiles and waves I’ve got this morning..


 For months, I lost my running mojo.. then I saw this.. *All Praises to Allah SWT*

I am truly humbled. Thank You Mariah V.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

– Helen Keller 

Wokay. Just pumped in all the endorphin back in my system. Who Run The World? * hee2*  

It’s gonna be a gooood day I tell ya! *wink*

Sending all awesome vibes and Thank You for reading my humble post. And yups! I’m stil waaaay behind in this #AtoZChallenge *lol* 

Forever Blessed+Gratitude,



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