Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “G” – ‘GRANDMA’


There’s no place like home… except Grandma’s. ~Author Unknown

Grandma. Grandmother.
It was just plain Nenek for me.
She’s the only one for me.
My sisters. My brother.
And all her own grand children’s.

We weren’t exactly her own.
But she made us feel like no. 1 in her world.

The one who kept us cool at night
As she fanned us all with her trusty old fan.
A fan that needed no power but her very own hand.

The first person I’d look out for every morning for all of my childhood years.
I didn’t have breakfast cereal or oatmeal like those champs..
But Owl Brand Kopi O *KawKaw* and few pieces of sugar biscuits since Primary School days.

The one who’d call out our names from the front of our door
Right out to the pool across the road!
Nenek Oh Nenek.. *lol*

Blk 45 Stirling Road – A place we called home for many many years..

Oh how I’ve missed you..
Your warm personality
Your smile Your hugs
Your childhood stories that became our bedtime stories..

There will never be another..
Not even close to whatever they can offer.
For you are my grandmother.
Our grandmother..
Like no other.

My Beloved Late Grandma – Nenek Maya
AlFateha for Nenek..

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