Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “E” – ‘Ethan & Elly’


Ethan & Elly. Two tiny people. Both Breastfed. Both firstborn to my two trusted girlfriends.

Thanks to these two tiny people, it has brought us, the Mommas, come together – all for a same cause – to support one another in BreastFeeding, experiences as a first time mom & to keep our sanity in check as we embark in this journey called Motherhood.

20140411-210236.jpgMeet Ethan

20140411-210335.jpgMeet Ethan and Me

20140411-210539.jpgMeet Lil Elly & Me


What it takes to get a lil lil lil one stay still for her very first passport pic! *lol*


Baby Elly the NLB’s Library Member before age one!


Baby Elly & Me with that FancyShmancyFluffyDoooDaa Hairband – MadeLovinglyByMyNiftyHands ☺️


Left: Back in 2009, we were our own StayHomeMoms+BreastFeeding Support Group via SMS & that was our first MeetUp / Right: 5yrs later, we meet again for our very first 5K together – That’s definitely ‘Happiness+Gratitude of the Friendship Kind’


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