Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014: “B” – BLOGGER of the Hijabi Stylist Badass Runner Kind



I’m nine days late in starting up this #AtoZChallenge So here’s my second post today.

Say Hello to the letter ‘B’. ‘B’ is for Blogger.

Anyone can be a blogger these days. Me included. Yup.. the on and off, sometimes chirpy, sometimes running, biking, playing, sometimes moody and grumpy Me. But not these bloggers. Uh-uh.. Their posts are just awesome! Their followers – HUGE! I can only aspire to be like them.. Hey, who knows? With #AtoZChallenge I may just restart my blogging love on a daily basis once again! 😉

BloggerAnyhoo.. It’s #Day71 of my #100HappyDays *yeay!*. I started on February 1st 2014  to commemorate World Hijab Day 2014. The idea was just to see how happy I can be simply by donning the hijab to cover my hair. And to my sweet surprise, that little piece of shawl I had on that day, covered more than just my short crop, newly colored hair, it has sheltered me in many ways I had never imagined.

So, I started my journey with just one piece of really old, tattered, soft and comfy shawl that used to keep my warm. Oh.. it actually kept me covered during my breastfeeding days of my littlest one! Oh Wow!  Memories…

I’m not the kind who can whip up a nice hijab in a flash.. Nope. I’m such a hijab dork really. A primary school girlfriend of mine; introduced me to the ever quirky girl with a fairly quirky name – Dina Tokio.  All I can say is, she made the flippettyflip of the hijab look ohsoeasy! And it sure was!

I love the way she made it all look casual and funky unlike the usual hohum granny style.. Oh! My nine year old’s a big big fan of hers too!

*Click on Pics for URL LinkUp*

Dina Tokio
Dina Tokio

So I had such an awesome google time the moment I found Dina Tokio. From that, it led me to this awesomely artistic Japanese convert, born and based in UK. What’s not to love when you get hijab plus Japanese minimalist style? – It just called out my name.. I fell in love with modesty fashion even more. Syukur Alhamdullilah! *All Praises to God*

Hana Tajima
Hana Tajima

Then comes Imaan Ali.. Her trademark has got to be her gorgeous turban! And all the colors and prints and *loud* splash of everything! She’s got spunk! And with brilliant mind too! Love her!


Pearl Daisy. I thought it was her name *duh* but no.. It’s a brand name. Meet Amena. She’s like the sweetest looking mother of two I have ever seen – MasyaAllah! I just stumbled upon an interview post on her and I must say, she’s definitely my inspirio..

Pearl Daisy
Pearl Daisy

Then comes BADASS Muslimah.. Take your time to view the Tumblr posts. It may just give you a paradigm shift on what you’ve read or heard or thought about Muslim women who keep it covered.

BADASS Muslimah
BADASS Muslimah

Now it ain’t complete till I  find my kinda mighty girls – Here are some of  the running hijabi sisters I’ve been following and they sure RAWK my Running World..

Trailblazing Hijabi
Trailblazing Hijabi
Muslim Runner



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