#100HappyDays: Day 66


Can one truly be happy for 100 days in a row? Unlike #Mission2013, this has somehow turn out to be my #Mission2014. What I had in mind for #Mission2014 has totally took a turn without me realizing! I guess this is what others say about life taking over its own progress?

Call me a pessimist *at times* but I sure didn’t feel much of happiness *within me* early this morning.. Dunno why. Grumpy me? Migraine hangover? Hormonal imbalance? Or JustBeingGeminiMeWho’sTotallyFilledWithBoredom? I think it’s the latter. So ok.. it’s just one of those super slow and dull type of stayhomemom type o’ days.. Yes, days like these shall pass..

It’s been quite a sad few days for me and most specially to a dear cousin of mine.. Thoughts and prayers for them please.. After three days of unimaginable challenging hours, today’s the beginning for closure.. I hope..

“Please make dua for a sister who delivered a still born baby. May Allah give her family patience. InsyaAllah she waits at the gates of paradise… Aameen.”

Life is indeed short. What saddens me more was, the day I received the news, it was my MIL’s 60th birthday.. The night before, I had such a sad dream – one that’s pretty much linked to the news I didn’t expect to receive just an hour after I was awoken by that dream. Funny how my dreams, subtle messages tend to appear in my sleep. Some things are better to just let it be and not ponder further.. At least for now. For He The Almighty knows best for us all..

I’ve reminded myself of how lucky my life has been all these while.. Most especially on slow, low energy type o’ days. Oh I sure had one of the ‘baddest days’ ever for 2014 thus far *lol* Yups.. just ask MissLizzie and GemPal — my support system on demand. *kisskiss* I Sayang Y’all!

Not all is doom and gloom! I’m still in one rounded curvy piece *hee2* Not been running but still alive.. Not been getting the news I was hoping for but still breathing.. Bank account hasn’t fatten up the last time I checked but I still get to have treats here and there and Biryani trips with my family..

Sixty-Six Days since World Hijab Day 2014, I am still keeping it covered. “How is that even possible?”, I asked myself sometimes.. By God’s grace.. That’s how.

As always, I just had to create something visual.. Just to assure myself that “Hey, you’re doing just fine girl..”

66 Days Later.. #100HappyDays
66 Days Later.. #100HappyDays

With that, I shall restart my day once again.. for I have 100 photos worth of reasons to smile about for the rest of the day..

Here’s wishing you an awesome day ahead – whatever your mood may be..

“All is Well..”, so said Louise L Hay and The 3 Idiots..



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