#Mission2013: Race No. 7 – SCM 2013


Three months and thirteen days later, I’m finally gonna attempt to gather my thoughts and all the joyous moments shoved somewhere in my head to get it out for this post. It’s been way too long I know.. And I’ve been ‘sweeping it off under the carpet’ all these stuff that’s been happening in my life since then.

So,  ‘Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem’ (In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful) – Let’s begin.

Sunday December 1st 2013 – the day I looked forward to end my #Mission2013 with a Bang! – My first 10KM running event! It’s been such a wonderful running experience all of 2013 – By Allah’s SWT grace and blessings, I’ve turned out to be a totally different person and I’m so loving it! Naaah.. I have no 6-packs or killer arms like Madonna or Michelle Obama *yet* – but I’ve overcame challenges which I’d never imagine ever would be possible for someone like me!

Though things didn’t turn out as I’d planned or imagined it to be, I think we as family did pretty alright.. Our end of 2013 came out to be quite a challenging few weeks for us. #TheRunningPartner had an emergency stay at the hospital, Syukur Alhamdullilah (Thank You Allah SWT), all went well but sadly, he had to miss his first 42KM event – which I seriously believe was indeed blessings in disguise.

DrMiaCardsForDocsCardsForDocs2 Though #TheRunningPartner had to take a ‘back seat’ in this SCM 2013, we still pressed on (cos runners press on!) to make the best of what we have. Couldn’t run, no problem! We could still take it slow, appreciate the good life and just be with the famfam. So off we went to pick up our SCM2013 race packs!

It's RacePack Collection Day!
It’s Race Pack Collection Day!

With hardly any runs made to prep ourselves up prior to race day, we decided not to fret about it.. We’ve all agreed to make the best of it and just have some fun. In a gist, no time to catch up on training, we’re just gonna keep it active – so, off for a morning walk we went..

The Day After SCM2013 Race pack Collection Day - We had an awesome AM Buangkok (NERL PCN) Walk - just us - #TheRunningFamily
The Day After SCM2013 Race pack Collection Day – We had an awesome AM Buangkok (NERL PCN) Walk – just us – #TheRunningFamily

With another day left before the day, we took a totally chillax AM Walk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens that Saturday morning.. And it was the best time to be there.. the morning sun was just beautiful!


And so the day finally arrived.. I tell ya, I sure felt like chickening out :p   Just check out my anxiety level! *lol*

IMG_5452IMG_5449 With such awesome support from #RunningBuddy way before 0600hrs, how could I just give up? No way hosay! *PressON!*

IMG_5453 IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5462 IMG_5464 IMG_5472 IMG_5477

I Ran With Super Heroes! But I think they preferred walking that Sunday morning :p
My Inspirios

Love the Cheer Squad!
Love the Cheer Squad!
“Let’s Count to Ten – #SCMS2013 Style”
“#SCMS2013 #KidsDash: Meet My Champ the First – Maya Amiena”

“#SCMS2013 #KidsDash: Meet My Champ the Second – Mia Petra”
“#SCMS2013 #KidsDash: Meet My Champ the Second – Mia Petra & DaddyDearest”

“#SCMS2013: Here we are – #TheRunningPartner + #RunningSAHMSG”

"#SCMS2013: Meet The Najadis #TheRunningFamily"
“#SCMS2013: Meet The Najadis #TheRunningFamily”
“#SCMS2013 #KidsDash: Meet Lizzie’sGirlChamp – Elly!”

“Mission Accomplished!” #SCMS2013 #Mission2013

Success – is indeed very very salty and oh well, muddy. Not exactly what I had in mind to coming home to that day :p
And this is how I like to chill..

"Hello, December!" - Post #SCMS2013 #MyFirst10K #RunWithMe - Time for me to be the watergirl for #TheRunningPartner #Teamwork
“Hello, December!” – Post #SCMS2013 #MyFirst10K #RunWithMe – Time for me to be the watergirl for #TheRunningPartner #Teamwork

The WrapUpPics of SCM2013

The timing didn’t matter cos I didn’t train hard for it. It’s the completion of my own #Mission2013 was my overall success – Who would have thought eh? So.. Be very very careful the next time you challenge yourself for truly, you’re just gonna blow your own mind – way out of this world! #humbled #empowered
And so.. this was how I ended my #Mission2013 – Thank You All for supporting me in more ways than one.. Here’s to #RunLikeAGirl!








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