Parenting – It’s a Learning Process

Saturday . 19 October 2013 . Home

It’s a StayHome Saturday for Me and MiChicas while their Daddy’s back to the office all of today. The weather’s been unpredictable – dark, stormy clouds and all the drama of a storm to come, ends up with nothing else but sun shiny day. Nah.. I’m not complaining. Appreciating what’s been given.. Seems like a perfect day for a day in the park but alas.. ‘Tis the ‘Wonderful Week Before The Final Term Exams’ – not till revision for the day’s been completed, we ain’t gonna move anywhere but just home.

I must say, it’s been a challenging week for me. And the kids as well. Especially for CheekyBabyMunster. A week of school ‘vacay’ meant nothing but just revisions.. I’m not a Helicopter Mom or a Tiger Mother – I’m just a Mom – the Bringing Up Bébé inspired style. No.. My kids aren’t in any enrichment class *yet*. Nor are they in any tuition class. They’re solely monitored by good ‘ol momma at home with their school work. That for me, challenging as it may be, I took it up as best as I could muster.

Oh you know what they say about the parenting ways and skills of our own are usually based upon those of our own parents’ or caregivers’? Well, I grew up in a very ‘relaxed’ environment – in a gist – no tutor, no strict guidance whatsoever. Guess that must have explained my carefree spirit. Now that I am a parent, sometimes I wish had some of those.

"I Am Just A Mom."
“I Am Just A Mom.”

Oh wait! That last statement – I honestly would like to think that was so 2012. With my #Mission2013 still going on strong, I am happy to admit that it’s been nothing short of little success on a daily basis. Cos really, I was once a Self-Limiting Person. As I go along in my parenting adventure and in my own self-discovery of #MissionABetterMe, I now notice how that self-limiting behavior has rubbed off to my kids and that definitely, set alarm bells ringing in ref. to my parenting skills.

"I Was Once a Self-Limiting Type O' Person"
“I Was Once a Self-Limiting Type O’ Person”

And so, on Wednesday 16 October 2013; I experienced one of those challenging moments in parenting. Perhaps it was the fatigue. But I knew for sure that it was indeed the fear of my past that came haunting me and it crippled me. Lost my sense of belief in my own parenting ability and just for that, it made me snap big time at my kids. *Bad Mommy*  😦

Hey.. We’re all aren’t perfect right? So I allowed myself to feel all that emotion in me.


So what happens when I allow the negativity to take over me? I got all *Snappity-Snaps!* and the floodgates opened wide – I cried buckets for a moment 😦

"Learning Curve - The Parenting Kind'
“Learning Curve – The Parenting Kind’

Shared my sorrows with my #GemPal, and a few WhatsApp messages later, I made it back to reality. I started to tell a new story. That helped me refocus my thoughts, energy and it made me realized that these were all part of life’s process – a steep learning curve. Oh boy that sure was!

'The Rebirth of a New Hope #Mission2014'
‘The Rebirth of a New Hope #Mission2014’

 As I refocused my thoughts and energy to a more positive vibes, things started to feel and change for the better. In short, I had an awesome end to the evening. One that was filled with new hope, sharper vision of all the good things for me and my family. And I must add, my #GemPal had an awesome positive vibes to her evening too.. It’s amazing how we both shared our fair moments of challenging times in the day, and by telling a new story, we both got inspired and ended our night in such an awesome fantastic vibes! We both felt ever so blessed and humbled in gratitude.

Just in case you’re wondering, that *Snappity-Snaps!* Me managed to refocus all that anxious energy in a more calm, positive manner has so far resulted in a more easy-going way of the days with the kids.

Revisions and School work aside, what matters to me really – is that I trust in my children’s ability to give it their best in all the things that they wanna do. As much as I can guide in their academic abilities, I know that my children are worth more than just the grades in their report book.

It has always been my intention to be the kinda parent who appreciate the balanced life. I believe that each child has their own potential and it is not necessarily be made evident in such a young age – for we all grow in our own pace. I raise Happy, Loving, Responsible Children – Not robots.

"The Art of Teaching"
“The Art of Teaching”
"Joyful Learning"
“My Parenting Mantra”

So.. Will I ever be a great teacher or tutor to my kids? Based on my own ability – Yes I believe I have and will always be (learning and putting in effort for improvement as I go along) to give the best to my family.  Together with the teamwork of my family, anything is possible – Allah’s Willing!

And to my sweet surprise, just look at what MiLittlestChica said to me this afternoon..

"I think I did okay.."
“I think I did okay..”

So Yes. I know now that I did okay.

What seems okay to me may not be for others but then again, who’s comparing right? I’m just keeping my life as Authentically Arlyn as possible.. And I’m so lovin’ it..

Saturday 8
Stay Authentic: In Real Life and In Everywhere Else 😉

To all parents and kids sitting for their final term exams in the coming weeks, I wish you well.

"Keep Calm and All The Best for the Exams"
“Keep Calm and All The Best for the Exams”

As stressful as it may be, I know we’re all capable of having a lovely weekend with our loved ones.. Life is short, let’s live it happy shall we?

Sincerely – @justbeingarlyn xoxo #RunningSAHMSG


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