Thirty Days to GEWR2013

Counting down to my next 5K with my #SGRunningMommas 🙂


GEWR2013 - 1

Time to check our calendars SGRunningMoms! Looks like we have one month to go till we meet for our very first 5K Run together! How exciting!

I still remember my very first 5K – didn’t know what to expect.. Thought I was ready but I wasn’t. But all that didn’t stop me from moving forward cos really, with a #RunningBuddy by my side, she helped me press on! And I did.

I truly understand how tricky it can be to squeeze in that extra minutes to yourself; what’s more if you do not have the perks of extra help just to ‘escape’ for a while to break some sweats! I feel you mommas.. 

All that excuses of no time, too tired, no gym membership, no motivation, no this no that.. I think I’ve used up all the excuses till I got too tired to come up with new ones and…

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