Three Days Off..

It’s Wednesday. Haven’t break a sweat for three days since Sunday.. Well, I wanted to.. Till I realized how they’ve taken away my running track.. – yes that has got to be my most drama part of my day. It’s only 9:45pm. I can still squeeze in a quick one. But no one’s home yet to help me keep a look out for the girls and I’ve yet too check on their books! – Excuse/Reason No. 097357683 of Chapter 9576B *hee2*

So.. yes. Today, that makes it to three days of no endorphin juice pack in my system. Aaaahhh..Yes.. That Sunday. I LOVED that Sunday. I wish all my Sundays could be that good. Oh the goodness of completing a run could give you! The goodness of a 10.5K Run could give me! *happyhappyhappy!*  Well, considering it was a #MissionUndercover;  gotta run it for #TheRunningPartner cos he’s just way too zonked post-TNF100 the day before.. So.. decision was made for me to run in it in less than 12 hours. Now, if that didn’t psyched me up I dunno what will! *lol*

We made a family plan. #TheRunningFamily will be there to cheer me on. Kids and Dad could chill by the beach while I run.. Unfortunately, it was a storm that Sunday morning. So, we decided for the kids and dad to stay home and snooze a lil.. Then off I went.. Sneakin’ out for my very first 10.5K Race. – Who would’ve guessed? My aim for a 10K was not till December.. I was nervous! #TheRunningPartner aimed for me to get it done in less than an hour – which I know for sure was not up to my numbers yet but yeah –  I allow that number to be in my head – aim for that less than an hour mark. I also had aim number two – to run my fastest 10K ever — which I was aiming for approx. 1hr 15min at least.

The POKKA TriFactor Series Run was held at Big Splash East Coast. It wasn’t as crowded as the rest I’ve been before, so that’s kinda nice. The run was awesome – By the beach. Beautiful sights. Nice breeze. Good stretch.. I even had some fun warming up at the old Road Safety Park!

TriFactor 1

All that nice views and settings just didn’t mean a thing if you’ve not worked hard to gain the momentum. With only less than five times of running longer than 10K, I just had to press on – the mental chatter was working hard for me that Sunday morning. Jeff Galloway’s voice was in my head all along too – saying, “Start Slow.. End Strong!”  It wasn’t such an easy run for me but I did my best. I had an awesome time while at it too and the timing as stated in my NIKE Running app came as a sweet surprise! With that in the bag, I know I gotta work harder to truly enjoy my ‘season finale of #Mission2013’ – The SCM 10K Run.

TriFactor 2
Who would have thought huh?! Me? Running a 10.5K? YEAY! So it IS True what they say.. when you put your heart and soul to it, things will surely happen 🙂

After all that race thing’s done, I made a trip back to Marine Parade – with a mission.

What else? To ‘tapao’ Haas Bawa’s Mee Goreng, Mutton Chop & Mutton Steak for my famfam before I head home. *hee2*  Unfortunately I was way too early for all that oil-laden mamak food.. So just grab a couple of breakie and claimed my well-deserved Venti Skinny Caramel Machiatto to end my sweet Sunday morning run..

With that much caffeine in my system, a 10K worth of endorphin pumped back in – it sure was a perfect Sunday for me. The one that I’d like to have on a weekly basis..

TriFactor 3

So.. with that awesome Sunday, I’m pretty much back to lay low weekdays. Have I lost the motivation or momentum since then? Nah.. I’m just being normal. Cos really.. I’m not an elite athlete or pro – just a Running Stay Home Mom who’s feeling kinda sad that her favorite running track’s been taken away..

With two kids down with the flu, my mind’s just a tad too stuffy up there and ain’t running in full swing. I’m not gonna kick myself in the bums for that three days of rest.. Cos really, I’m only human. There’s still another day.

And tomorrow, I know for sure, there’ll be more bounce in every single step I’m gonna take.

Oh.. by the way, three days rest is still okay.. Look! Some say take four days! *lol*

Sincerely – @justbeingarlyn #RunningSAHMSG


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