A Very Sad Day for RunningSAHMSG

Wednesday . 09 October 2013 . Hougang Avenue 4 / Hougang Avenue 9

Some time in early June 2013, I noticed a not so tiny board planted just right at the end corner of my favorite running track in our neighborhood. The message stated on the board wasn’t one that made me very happy. We tried to figure it out, if it truly was meant for that tiny plot of land – that last open air field available in our neighborhood..

The First Sign of Sadness..
The First Sign of Sadness..

And a few days later, we receive that bad piece of news.

"I'm just not pleased tt they're taking away this space where my family & my other ActiveLiving neighbours been utilising the running track & football field for years.. - Just Leave Our Running Track & Field Alone!!" Upcoming community club in Hougang to be hub for residents.
“I’m just not pleased tt they’re taking away this space where my family & my other ActiveLiving neighbors been utilizing the running track & football field for years.. – Just Leave Our Running Track & Field Alone!!” Upcoming community club in Hougang to be hub for residents.

Thinking that the sad day of saying goodbye to our running track would be probably in early 2014, but alas! That fateful day has arrived..

Today, as I made my way to MiLittlestChica’s school, we witnessed the dismantling of the football field gates. My heart just went dead for a quick moment..

HG Running Track 16 HG Running Track 17And why would I get so emotional for a mere public place like this? I wonder if I am the only one who’d get so affected by this. I’d like to think not. With this place gone, where would all the neighborhood ‘uncles and aunties’, the kids & other neighborhood runners who’s been utilizing this space to just relax, meet and chat with friends, do their daily workout in their own way..? Where will I ever go for my quick 30minutes before bedtime? Where can I go for a run ’round the block with MiChicas without being too far from home?

This running track, has been with me for the past six years.. This was the place that gave me some solace early in the morning, when I was that Stay At Home Mom with a second baby nicely tucked in bed – I’d sneak out for a quick briskwalk to plan my day in my head, to just spend time with me (and my music). This place has given me my strength and courage back to me. How can I not feel so attached to this place? Late night of 31 December 2012, my husband and I decided to celebrate our New Year’s eve together right there on the running track – running next to each other.

This was the place I came back to recharge, refocus, clear my thoughts. The place where I’d get a better start or end to my day. Some days I ran well.. Some days – just meant to be sucky. But I’ll always know that this is the place that I could always run to – at any time or day. And now, this place will no longer be there for me. I will never get to see all those familiar faces running past by me. That Indian Aunty briskwalking in her saree and running shoes. That Makcik whom I managed to snap a pic of her and her friend post-briskwalking session they did together.. – that was my Mother’s Day morning. It must’ve surprised them but I just loved the vibes they had together. Both looking way past their sixties, still having that beautiful smiles, the giggles they shared.. – they’re just my kinda everyday heroes (heroines).

I remember one evening, sayin’ my hello to a running mother pushing her baby buggy.. that for me is such a beautiful sight. It warms my heart. It will always reminds me of my ‘days back then..’ *lol* and for me to just ignore and not say a thing would give me some kinda emotional constipation *lol* and so on that very day, I did it. And to receive a lovely big happy smile and a “Oh.. Thank You!” from that running mother, that made me feel so awesome inside..

HG Running Track 12

This morning, I thought to myself, “Let’s just do a quick one later after fetching MiLittlestChica back from school..” but now, with the running track gone, and I don’t wanna go too far.. where can I go? There is another park across the road but it’s just not big enough a space.. Will I get to go for my quick run today? Will it be another excuse for me to skip it again today? Will I stay indoors and feel all sad for the rest of the night? Hmm.. At this moment, I truly can’t tell. All I know is I have less than an hour to make a quick clean, quick cook and it’s fetch the kid time again.. *sigh*

With that last sigh.. I shall mentally, emotionally, say goodbye to my favourite Running Track @ Hougang Avenue 9. Thank You for all that lovely moments we’ve spent together. I will never be able to check-in your spot in my foursquare. We will never get to take that short cut through to Hougang 1 anymore.. And I know, I will never get to see that beautiful moon each time I run on that track. It’s just so hard to say goodbye..

HG Running Track 1 HG Running Track 2 HG Running Track 3 HG Running Track 4 HG Running Track 5 HG Running Track 6 HG Running Track 7 HG Running Track 8 HG Running Track 9 HG Running Track 10 HG Running Track 11

Sincerely – @justbeingarlyn xoxo #RunningSAHMSG


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