Just Another Day.. Or Maybe Two

Wednesday . 2 October 2013 . Singapore .

Rainy morning. Sleepy me. The only perk of a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) on some days just happen to be that extra bit of catchin’ up with the snooze. All that late nights I’ve been up to – just to be swayed into the usual endless cycle of twitter-readin’ in the dark – didn’t serve me well. But last night’s was awesome.

Last night’s was all about catching up with GemPal @jsllim305 – updating one another on our own progress in this #MissionBetterMe2013 of some sort. I’m not that kinda mom who’d hog on the phone for hours or the type who needs to be in touch with another on a daily basis – I dunno, to some that may seem weird. But to me, it’s just therapeutic. Could it be cos I have ‘lotsa ‘Me’ in my head’ to keep it shush was enough for me to handle in a day? *lol* Ok firstly, I’m no schizo. I’m just me. That ever typical Gemini person. I multi-task in all aspects – even in my mind. And that ain’t much fun. Sometimes.

Anyhoo.. We ended our night’s What’s App chat with a couple of giggles – thanks to this pic.

Bey with Blue Ivy - Lookin' all shabby sans the stylists.. So Mommas of the World, Keep Calm and Love Yourself.. We all are the same - Celebs or not ;)
Bey with Blue Ivy – Lookin’ all shabby sans the stylists.. So Mommas of the World, Keep Calm and Love Yourself.. We all get bad hair days – Celebs or not *wink*

My Tuesday was a day full of errands. #TheLazyChef spent quite some time in the kitchen too. After all that yummy food’s served and enjoyed, I was still the Royal Dishwasher before bedtime..  :p

Tuesday Night’s Dindin Theme: All Things Indo!

Before that chat with GemPal, as I reflect back on my day, I further understood the meaning of focus..


Then my mind took me away to adding up more stuff to my #Mission2014

Sports Wishlist for #Mission2014

And finally at 0245hrs early Wednesday morning, it’s *phone* lights out for me.


Life began again for me in less than three hours later. Rainy, cool morning. Attended to CheekyBabyMunster and #TheRunningPartner.. And I just couldn’t help but to shnuggle in a lil bit more next to MiLittlestChica. – that was such a gift!

By noon, I was all set to send MiLittlestChica to school. All set in my running kit to sweat a lil for an hour. I could feel my running mojo sneakin’ out of my system..

Then I saw this..

My Motivation.
My Motivation.

How could they even consider that a ‘bump’?! Looking down to my own ‘FantabulousTumTum’, I put my NIKE FlyKnit on.. Together with my Adidas All Black Kit. Cos some say, it’s kinda like a funeral for my fat :p


All set and about to leave, this SMS came through for me- Perfect timing or what!

My Reserved Book is Ready to be Collected! Yipppee!!
Me Feelin’ A Tad Low Energy.. So, WhateverMotivatesMe – Hugh wanted me to have a great run.. that’s all I needed *lol*
#MissionQuickLunchRun Accomplished! Made it on time before CheekyBabyMunster reaches home..

That QuickLunchRun wasn’t as ‘good’ as I expected, but to receive this from @runfairyrun in my Twitter Timeline sure made a difference! 🙂

Lovin’ Run Fairy Run Blog and she’s such an awesome person too!

So.. It’s 2050hrs now. I’m feelin’ all zonked already. ‘Old Age’ huh?

Oh well.. It’s gonna be another long day in the office for #TheRunningPartner..

I’m just gonna take it easy tonight.


 Till tomorrow, Have a lovely evening one and all..

xoxo @justbeingarlyn


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