That Last September Weekend

Saturday 28 September 2013 . Race Pack Collection Day . Library Trip .

Sunday 29Sep13 - 5
The Day After My 11th Wedding Anniversary.
Race Pack Collection Day for #TheRunningPartner.
MiChicas and I can never say ‘No’ to these yummy ice-cream.
A Sketch Book about my old ‘kampong’.

It was indeed my anniversary weekend. Can’t believe we’ve made it past that 10 year mark! *Wooohooo!* We’ve been blessed through all the good and challenging days – has it been easy? Oh hell no! *lol* But it’s been quite a ride.. and there ain’t no regretting it.

This #Mission2013 – not just about the running.. has served me well. Let’s just say, things just took a turn – to a better side of me and those around me. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have no date on anniversary day or life ain’t as novel-perfect as it should be. I am just happy inside. Happy and a great sense of gratitude. That things have turn out to be the way it’s been.

So.. what have we #TheRunningFamily been up to the last September weekend?

Well, Saturday was a family day out for another Race Pack Collection. Our usual library trip. That yummy attap seed ice-cream.. And while #TheRunningPartner took some Me Time catching up with his sleep and rest after such a long long hours on the weekdays, I was accompanied by MiChicas at the running track later part of our Saturday.

I gotta tell ya.. That meatball sandwich I had for late lunch was oh so tough to get it burn! *lol* But yeah.. I made it through my #MissionLSD 10K round the track with these great tunes. And I so didn’t realize that I’ve clocked in 150 runs since June 2012! I’ll say.. that ain’t too bad right? Let’s go up a notch for #Mission2014!

Running Playlist that helped me Press On to complete that 10K.
Running Playlist that helped me Press On to complete that 10K.

After all that sweats done, to my surprise, I had a ‘Running Date’ request from #TheRunningTween. She so wanted to go for a morning run on Sunday – just the two of us – and no she didn’t wanna run on the track – she wanna hit the pavements! When #TheRunningKindergartener heard our conversation, she jumped in and pleaded to be a part of it too! *cuteness!*

#IRunWithMyKids for as long as I can remember..
#IRunWithMyKids for as long as I can remember..

Unfortunately, that Sunday morning was a rainy one. We had to skip it. And yet another surprise from MiLittlestChica (#TheRunningKindergartener), “Mommy.. Did you know that I was up before every one else this morning? I was up early cos I wanna follow you and Bubu go running in the morning.” — Awwwww… that coming from a six year old! *melt*

So.. No Sunday Morning Run. No Running Date with CheekyBabyMunster (#TheRunningTween). But these were still on my list..

To Do List for the #RunningSAHMSG
To Do List for the #RunningSAHMSG
Sunday 29Sep13 - 1
Such a lovely birthday party for Megan

While big sister was having a ball at the party, MiLittlestChica had the best date ever – with her mommy..

"The Best Date Ever!" - MiLittlestChica
“The Best Date Ever!” – MiLittlestChica

And that 2.5hours of our date just went zipppetty gone in a flash! It’s time to fetch big sister now..

Back again in the arms of her big sister..
Back again in the arms of her big sister..

Oh did I mention that the heat was pretty craycray on Sunday? It gave me the throbbing headache again.. But this time, I felt so much better after a quick power nap – one that MiLittlestChica tucked me nicely in bed and hugged me to sleep..

With that priceless gesture and this handmade card from MiLittlestChica, I am just so humbled to receive such love and warmth from this tiny little person.

To: Mommy  "Sky"  From: Mia
To: Mommy
From: Mia

So yes.. after all the 4,051 over days (and more to come!) of being married and having this opportunity to be a Stay At Home Mom once again to our two beautiful daughters – I must say, life is pretty good for me. I am blessed. Praise Allah for all His Blessings! And Thank You to all friends for the lovely wishes we’ve received via my FB and IG. You’re all awesome! xx


@justbeingarlyn xoxo

The Happy & Filled With Gratitude #RunningSAHMSG
The Happy & Filled With Gratitude #RunningSAHMSG



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