OKTO Focus Group

Friday . 07 June 2013. Singapore Media Academy. Riverside Point.

I signed myself and MiChicas up to be a part of OKTO’s Focus Group as part of our June SchoolHols activity. It was a first for all of us. And the experience had been all good!

The kids had their own fun in their own group and room – all filled with laughter and chatter and lotsa iPads passed around for them to review some new programmes.

The mommies had a great time sharing ideas, concern and we all came back home with a better understanding of the kids programme being shown in our free to air telly.

While we were there, we were given a short tour of the academy – filled with studios and stuff.. The kids – well, they had a chance to do the Mat Yo Yo dance with the lil academy students there too!

Just look at the fun we had..

OKTO Focus Group
Oh Here We Are!
OKTO Survey Form
Hmm.. Something about the word “Madam” just doesn’t sit well with me.. Call me “Mrs” please..
OKTO Ignite Ideas
Ignite Ideas
OKTO Studio
A Mock Up Radio Station
OKTO Studio 2
The place where all the sound editing to be made..
OKTO Studio Tour
The Newsroom
The Ever So Adorable eSMA Kids at Work
OKTO Kids TryOut
And our kids get to give it a go too! 🙂
OKTO - MiLittlestChica
She’s One Happy MiLittlestChica

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