Counting Down the Days..

Thirty Days to My Next Birthday. Thirty-One Days to My Next 5K Race.
Thirty Days to My Next Birthday. Thirty-One Days to My Next 5K Race.

15 May 2013. Thirty days to my next birthday. Thirty-one days to my next 5K Race. Am I excited? Oh Yes I Am! *lol* Guess it didn’t bother me much about the age increase.. I’m just looking forward to all the good things that can/will take place in my life. Whatever it may be – Que Sera Sera.

And today, it marks a very big step in my own world.. I finally get my first appointment with the NNI Specialist done – after years of ignoring, delaying, procrastinating, living in fear; I finally did it.

First Visit to NNI at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
First Visit to NNI at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Just about a month ago, I experienced one of the worst migraine attack ever. No I didn’t vomit and get red-eye but it lasted for two days, synfalx, caffox and whatnots just didn’t work it anymore.. Sleeping in the dark air-conditioned room with ice pack on my head didn’t no nothing either. And yes, sniffing on lavender oil, listened to calm soothing zen-inducing sounds didn’t do either. Hmm what else? Oh.. I did all I can – prayers, the EFT tapping – nada! zilch! nothing.. Anyhoo, that finally gave me strength to just go out there and get that referral from the Polyclinic and get it done.

So today, I met with a Dr Lee. The consultation was just a series of question & answer type of moment. A check of my BP and that was it! He just went on and on and on with the names of meds I should ‘try’..

TweetHe also sent me for a scan appointment. I decided to get it done straight away. And almost immediately, I realized I was all set and ready to be ‘in space’. What shocked my system was.. the fact that I will be ‘poked’ *lol* – a jab was needed for them to deliver the Contrast via my veins. My theory whenever in fear? – Always LAUGH at it! So I honestly requested for them to sing me a song! *lol* Of cos they didn’t *lol* but we all had a good laugh and I calmed down a little and my vein suddenly decided to appear..

Minutes later, I had my first experience going through this –

CT Scan

It sure felt like I was in some kinda science fiction movie *lol*

Anyways, I was just glad everything went smoothly. I managed to rush and pick MiLittlestChica from school though a little late but the teachers were all kind enough to wait for me.. The cab ride home was smooth and easy and it was a lot better with nice jazz tune that cabbie had on. And as always, CheekyBabyMunster updated MiLittlestChica of the adventure I had this afternoon and look what I got..

"For being brave at the doc's today, MiLittlestChica gave me a sticker. YEAY!"
“For being brave at the doc’s today, MiLittlestChica gave me a sticker. YEAY!”

So blessed right? Okay.. time check, 2328hrs. Been two hours since I took this soon-to-be-a-nightly pill. It kinda surprised me to realize that I’ve been prescribed an anti-depressant to help ease my migraine. Thank heavens for this forum I came upon, it made me feel alright to just give this a go..

HappyPills, anyone? :D
HappyPills, anyone? ๐Ÿ˜€

Alrighty then.. Let’s see how this goes.. I’m feeling a lil hungry now but I’d rather sleep on it. Till next post.. I wish you all well..

Cheers xoxo @justbeingarlyn


2 thoughts on “Counting Down the Days..

  1. Hi! I dropped by because I juust saw the comment you left on my blog (so late I know heheh). First of all thanks so much for dropping by and reading my post it means a lot. Also, my birthday is in June! June 25 and I suffer from migraine attacks too. Hope your visit to the dr and the meds will work for you. It’s cool your joining races and even cooler that you’re a running mom ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m very positive you’ll be able to run to whatever distance you set your heart to! Looking forward to your running experience and journey as well as everything else you update us with on your blog ๐Ÿ˜€ Take care.

    1. Hi Lerie Grace!
      Thank You for comin’ over to my blog! You sure made my day ๐Ÿ™‚ No worries abt the late replies.. We all do get caught up with the daily life stuff.. As you can see, I’ve not been posting much either! So you’re a June baby too? That’s awesome! And hang on.. You suffer from migraines too? *hugs* Well, I’ve got loads to write about since my last doc visit.. And yes, recaps of my last two runs.. With the haze going on today, it sure looks like a good day for me to update my blog.

      Meanwhile, you take care & Thank You for sharing – I’ll be comin’ over your blog soon too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheers – @justbeingarlyn

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