The Value of 60 Minutes


So I only have sixty minutes to ‘play’ with. It’s Time Management now..

Shall I..

  1. Head home straight,  seated on the couch for the next 60 minutes – just being passive?
  2. ‘Enjoy’ some aircon and windowshop at that hardlyanything mall just across MiLittlestChica’s school?
  3. Walk around the supermarket just for fun?
  4. Walk back home slowly, daydream, notice how that shoulders of mine feels heavier and how sluggish I feel with every move?
  5. Put on the Running kit, walk around the neighbourhood, play around with my Heart Rate Monitor and let it beep while I hop, jump, walk a lil faster, then slightly faster than the other.. then just a litttttle bit more of the hop+jog perhaps?

Oh heck.. I’ll just get myself running-ready! Sun is pretty hot right now.. Let’s see what I’ll end up doing! *grin*

Have a lovely lunch time everyone!

Cheers! – @justbeingarlyn


2 thoughts on “The Value of 60 Minutes

  1. When I saw the title of your post it made me realize that depending upon how we spend it – and hour can be a lot of time or barely enough time at all. It’s all about priorities and how much we actually want to accomplish. Cheers!

    1. Hi Stephanie, you’re so right on the priorities. After all that options I gave myself today, nothing was done but I did manage to accomplish something else – spending quality time with my loved ones instead. I guess this is what life’s all about.. 😉 Have a good day ahead!

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