My A-Ha! Moment – Six Months Later..

Say "Hello" to SgRunningMoms: Where RealMoms Motivate One Another.."
Say “Hello” to SgRunningMoms: Where RealMoms Motivate One Another..”

For months, I had this A-Ha! Moment. A thought. A need. A dream somewhat, for a  place where I get to meet, get to know, be inspired and even more, with other running moms in Singapore. Then two weeks ago, I had the ‘good- to-go thumbs up’ from another running mom. In between sweating in the hot sun at the Botanical Gardens up and down the hill, we did a quick brainstorm session and yes, it’s finally up!

Say “Hello” to “SGRunningMoms: Where RealMoms Motivate One Another” – not just for running, but all things ActiveLiving in Singapore! Whatever makes you happy, whatever works for you, we’re more than happy to have you around, share the joy, the experience, tips, good days, bad days, newbies, professionals, we’re more than pleased to meet you there!

We are not a technical running club or attached to any other groups etc, just a bunch of mommies in Singapore, coming together to spur each other on to break more sweats than we’ve ever been lately. It’s not just about how to break a sweat but to be the new and best us we can ever be.

We’re not here to compete with one another but to just be a better version of us, the day before. We believe in starting off in baby steps, nurturing our inner selves and to have a lotta laugh and fun whenever we can. Cos really, if it ain’t fun, why would we even wanna do it in the first place? Like as if there ain’t enough To Do List to strike off our already long list on a daily basis 🙂

Alrighty.. As always, don’t forget to say Hi! and pop by whenever you have the time:

Have a brilliant Monday everyone! I know it seems a tad cloudy, a lil wet some parts of Singapore today and yes I do feel the sluggish energy too but.. Let’s Shake This Off!! We Can Do This! Take care one and all!

Cheers xoxo



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