Friday. We meet again.

SAHM FridayFriday. We meet again. Like as if it makes much of a difference to me now.

Thursday’s been a day I called in sick. My body’s just not been feeling right since Wednesday night. Feeling a tad feverish, body aching, hints of headache here and there. Popped some meds and I napped – a little longer than usual; which made my CheekyBabyMunster all worried.

The night seemed better. Made some soup for the family and I managed to catch up on my #CNSoMe work too. I went to bed plugged in to Louise L Hay’s Morning and Evening Meditations. It calmed me so well till I couldn’t get my lazy bums off for my morning runs as I had planned..

Friday morning greeted me with a sense of hope that today will be a more productive day and I affirmed myself that I will overcome this fatigue feeling out of my system. It all went well for a start but all came crumbling down four hours later in the morning.

Spent my early hours on YouTube watching this, and this and finally Pay It Forward – which made me cry buckets! My numbing head still bothered me even after a pop of whateverthatmedwascalled. It made me nap for a few minutes and the headache just got intense!

It was too tempting for me to let MiLittlestChica skip another day of school. But I managed to snap myself out of that thought after a quick self-massage to ease my uneasy feeling.


A quick lace up, cap & sunnies on, sent MiLittlestChica off to school and off I went! I’ve been looking forward to give the app Zombies,Run! a go and I must say it was quite fun! I liked the way they ‘auto pick’ the songs from my playlist. Though I didn’t get to complete the 5K as required nor did I get to truly be focused on what’s been said or what the mission was all about, a couple of zombies did have a ball running after me.

About thirty minutes later, approx 3K and unsaved clock in to my Nike Plus (cos somehow it got all paused the moment the Zombies, Run! was started up), I felt a lot better! Yes that all sweaty me will always make feel so bada** and untouchable! Sadly, right after my shower, the throbbing head came back again.

So what exactly am I trying to share in this post today?

Well, after all these years, as I’m learning to ‘listen’ to my body, ‘listen’ to my inner child’s needs, I realized how loud and in control my self-criticizing aka Critical Parent in me can be! I’m such a harsh, perfectionist Critical Parent to myself! So here I am, as I’m about to call it a night, as perfect as the magic of Law of Attraction (LOA) would always surprise me, I stumble upon the perfect article – it is so perfect I thought they were writing about me! *lol*

The 30s are a turning point. It’s an age when destructive behavior stops working to make whatever point it is you’re making. You begin to realize that if you don’t do something different, things won’t change.

With that said, I guess I’m ‘pretty normal’ and yes, there’s still hope for ‘hopeless kids’ like me.. I must say, it’s all in the will to break away from that chain.

xx @justbeingarlyn


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