Journey to My First 5K – Venus Run 2013

VR Results

It’s been three days since my first 5K Run and just minutes ago, I finally get to see my digits. Not exactly the kinda digits that’ll make me OhSoHappy this Wednesday morning, but hey.. they’re still my digits.

So here they are:

NETT Time: 00:41:10:96 / GUN Time: 00:43:33:31 / NikePlus Time: 00:38:51

I guess it wasn’t too bad considering I had a bad bad case of the embarrassing running problem – of all the days, it just HAD to happen on that very morning. Thank heavens I’ve read about it before and I was pretty ‘ready’ for incidences to happen – which unfortunately it did happen.

Somewhere along the way during the run, I heard myself self-criticizing in my mind like, ” What were YOU thinking? 5K ? You’re not ready for 5K if all you’ve been doing were less than 8K on practice days..”

All that talk about running for my own sanity’s sake – not for losing weight, Running for FUN on 5K Fun Runs – timing don’t matter, Run Your Own Race – Don’t care about the others.. Well well well.. Easier said than done.

Let’s be honest.. I wasn’t easy on myself and allowed the negative chatter ‘entertain’ me on my first race day. With all the ‘elites’ passing through like they’re running on air sure made me feel hmm.. less of myself but nonetheless, they all inspire me in their own way.

But come on.. not all were doom and gloom! I had my trusted buddy @k_santhi cheering me on.. slowing down a lil just to get me on my feet again, we ran side by side and moved forward together – and that’s what being venus is all about!

Hooray!! To #RunningSAHMSGs!”

So Yes! I completed my first 5K Run! I aimed for less than 40 cos I knew it’s possible for me to make it in less than 40. Yes I may have scored a lil off.. That’s okay! Cos really.. just nearly two years ago, I clocked in a 00:53:21 in my last JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2011 and I did run my fastest mile ever at 11:32 — so you see.. some things do get better as you age ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some pics before, after and somewhere in between – my journey to my first 5K – Venus Run 2013.

IMG_0997IMG_0841IMG_1004IMG_1024IMG_0865IMG_1025 IMG_1026IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 PreVenusRun PreVenusRunWithSanthiVenusRun Booklet VenusRun Countdown IMG_0659 IMG_0661JBA 2 JBA 3PostVenusRunJBA 1


6 thoughts on “Journey to My First 5K – Venus Run 2013

  1. Hiya! Congrats on your 5K run! Isn’t it an awesome event. I am still feeling high from it lol. I am so glad that I can meet another sahm who runs! Keep it up! You are doing great! Xoxo

    1. That’s just awesome! I have been looking out for more #RunningSAHMSG and now I’ve found another post-race. So nice to meet you RunningMom! Let’s keep in touch shall we? Cheers!

  2. Hi. you Moms are awesome runners! All the best with your family and just being great moms. I’m enjoying your blogs as My husband and I are planning to start a family. Hopefully some good news this year. hehehe… Looking forward to reading more from you especially your running goals ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. It’s wonderful! But it IS under 40min! Your NikePlus time is the accurate one right?? Anyhow, you’ll only get better. I know I can’t run a sub-40 now … Sigh.

    1. Thanks Ee Lin! Though my NIKE Plus stated under 40 then I still felt it wasn’t as accurate as the NETT/ Gun time.. Coming from an experienced running mom like you, I’m even more motivated to work towards a better time but most of all, I’m just loving the experience I get out of all these runs ๐Ÿ™‚ Once again, appreciate your time popping by my humble post.. Me loving it! *wink*

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