The Man That Ran Up The Stairs


The very last time I popped by the Fort Canning Park in the middle of the day, I saw this man – doing his mid-day run. At that time, I thought – “He must be some kinda running maniac!”

A few months later, this pic I took, inspired me to return to the park, to do my own mid-day running. So did that make me a running maniac as I thought that guy was? Nah.. I’m hardly close! But I love how I’d spent my lunch hour today. The intention of doing a run on a Tuesday afternoon came true. Though I didn’t get to complete a 5K as I would love to *due to time strapped*, I sure sweat myself out buckets load like never before. This ain’t gonna be the first and the last, for I plan to make this my favorite day of the week – Tuesday afternoon, Just Me+MyiPhone, My Shoes and the Fort Canning Park – how bliss!

And you know what? I think I may have seen that same blue guy running next to me just now.. If only he knew how he’s inspired this one Stay-Home-Mom to make her way up there just to do the same thing as he did.

– And that my friends, was how I spent my lunch time today.



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