“.. like right now.”


Sometimes I’m just tired. 

Like right now. 

Sometimes I really don’t know how to.

Like right now. 

Most times, I’d like to think that I’m doing okay. 

Like whenever I look at all my photographs.

All the tweets I sent. The books I read. 

I must be doing alright. 

But why the insecurity? 

Is this human nature?

Or am I just seeking some kinda approval? 

So who do I ask? 

What will they say? 

Do I fear the things they’re gonna say?

Will I be able to accept their honest feedback? 

Or do I just wanna stick to my years of selective listening? 

Who can I turn to? Who will have the time for me? 

Do they really care? Does my feelings mean anything at all?  

To anyone? Is that why I’ve been keeping it all in me? –

– Insecurity? 

Will I feel better if I earn the income? 

Is that my own thought or is it my old programming? 

I don’t wish to fear or feel negative about money

For I wanna break away from the cycle. 

Allow my thoughts and feelings to change. 

To embrace wealth.

am blessed with all these abundance.  

The good health, the love, the joy of learning.. 

And this new goal we’re all so looking forward to, in a couple of years. 

So please.. Be gentle with me once again.


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