Morning Post Before the Toast

TOASTTime Check: 0806hrs

This could be my earliest post ever. Been up since MrMister and CheekyBabyMunster left the house for the day. Somehow MiLittlestChica decided to get up just as early as Bubu (big sister) and get herself all cleaned up and had her breaky. But this Momma’s still feeling a lot lazy. Considering my PMS Migraine still bothered me. Finally at 0808hrs, I can feel my right head a lil bit more.


The only thing that I pretty much miss a lot now that I’m not preggy is the non-existent of the migraine attacks! It’s just so craycray that my body decides to have the migraines on a monthly basis! It made my work life ridiculously challenging. Even so now that I’m back to SAHM Lifestyle. Along the way, I’ve learned a couple of ways to better manage the pain – from the inside out. I’ve a better understanding as to how our body behaves the way we think/feel emotionally, how affirmation, some accu-points tapping can help ease it too and the most simplest way I love now – the ice pack. Sometimes I wonder if my attacks will be gone if I were to live in a cool climate location. I do know that the heat will always trigger the attack for me – therefore the inseparable with my sunnies mode all the time.

Anyways, spent the past hour just reading some random blogs. I was in search for some running mom blogs that are based in Singapore. Have yet to stumble upon any. I’m sure there is some where.. Cos most of the mommy blogs I’ve seen are those that are hmm.. chirpy-happy. I’m in search of authentic moms – the ones who rants, the one who runs to keep their sanity, the one who gets good days and bad days and the one who’s making the best of what they have. Someone who’s real like “A” Typical SAHM.

It’s more challenging for me now to be in touch with friends since I’m so time-strapped and most friends are just busy with their own lives and schedule. A quick WhatsApp is a good enough to catch up or a tweet or two here and there just to see how things are at the other end. Along the way through my new experience with the joy of social media, I’ve made a couple of good friends – like Princess Daughter Adorable Son Sunshine Baby.  And I have to say, that makes my second time SAHM Living a lil more comforting for me.

As I go along to further understand the true meaning of social media, me practicing on a *hopefully* daily basis to achieve The Bloggerista-Wannabe mode of my life, I’m sure to look forward to know, meet, communicate with others all over the blogosphere.

Alrighty. Time check: 0909hrs. Life before coffee is just not good for me. My eyes getting heavier again. Think I’m gonna power nap before I restart my day once again – getting ready for my ‘second shift’ of my work day. Well, at least I’ve got my thoughts out on post first thing in the morning! That’s still an accomplishment for me and as always, “Celebrate your success, no matter how small!

Till my next post, thanks for reading. It’s been a success in getting my negative, comparing myself to others as I read others’ blog thinking I can never be good enough to blog. – That has quieten my negative chatter.


To all, Have a Happy Wednesday or Tuesday evening for some.

xx @justbeingarlyn


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