“If you need me, I’ll be in my office..”


Ok. Let’s begin.

“Hello WordPress & all over blogosphere!” Hope all is well and good wherever you are. Here I am somewhere in this little corner of a coffeeshop trying to get my thoughts out – trying hard to recover from my (what seems like an endless) mental constipation. Yes. Seems to be getting it back a couple of weeks in a every month! I’ve been trying to get it out of my system – wondering if its PMS related or just my typical gemini trait or if it’s just my old programming. As of today, I still have no idea.

Anyhoo.. I’ve been keeping myself busy with some leisure reading here and there. Hardly been breaking any sweats – therefore the cranky mode once in a while and PMS kicked in a couple of days ago – so I guess that pretty much explained my stuck-in-a-rut kinda feel. It’s not been as exciting as I wish my life would be. So so so.. Let’s have some fun now alrighty? 😀

If I have one wish right this moment, I think I’d wish for my brain to stop being so wishy-washy! It’s just OhSoTough for me to tame this mind. It’ll either go off in lightning speed with ideas and inspiration or it’ll get very ‘jerky’ – like an old train that would go on-and-stop-and-go-stop-again. My goodness! Can my mind just be normal for a moment? Please?

Since I’m on the ‘wishing mode’, I’ve another wish in mind right now – “I wish all my pins in my pinterest can be applied magically to my real life without me lifting a finger! Now ShaaaaaZaaam!

Time check: 1506hrs  /  Lappie Power Available: 39%  / Mental Focus Level: 15%

Oh no.. this can’t be happening! I have so many things I wanna say. Why is it not happening? My energy vibrations are just as muddled. *breathe in.. breathe out..*

As much as I aspire to be as the other ProBloggers, I think at this moment, life is trying to teach me how to manage my own expectation in every new thing that I’m attempting to do. – Baby steps, Arlyn.. Baby steps.. *sigh* Ohkay..

So my dear readers, who happen to stumble upon my mishmash type o’ blog, I thank you for taking time in reading my posts. I’m not a ProBlogger nor am I a trained writer. Just a Stay-At-Home-Mom who believes that she’s OhSoCreative in many ways than one – freehand drawing of anything ain’t one of them. This is not my best yet. I can feel it coming.. Give me some time. I’m still in its nurturing process.. Meanwhile, do drop me a line to say Hi.. Let’s link up! I’m looking forward to learn a trick or two from any where in this whole wide world. Keep me company will ya?

— There. The best I can give at this moment. I’m gonna pack up. Head home. Put on my running shoes. I know what I need to do to get it going. I need to go un-stuck myself. And run it will be.

Till later then, this is me – @justbeingarlyn, posting to ya LIVE from my office.


Have a fantastic day/night wherever you are..

xx @justbeingarlyn


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