Parenting Mode


It’s a cool, cloudy, easy Sunday afternoon at home for me and MiChicas. I can’t really decide if I’d like to take a trip out to the library but for now, we’re just staying indoors. I still have my books to read and so do the kids.

I’m hardly the Tiger Mom type. Sometimes I wish I am a lil bit like that. I can mention all the things I’m not here but that will only bring my positive good vibes down – which I don’t wish to! So, making the best of what I am, who I am, how I’ve become is more of what I’m gonna embrace right this moment.

I dunno if I’m the way too sentimental type but I have this endless search, getting a lil bit more obsessed as to how I’ve become the way I am and for this moment. I honestly can’t recall the days I had when MyMom or MyPop would sit next to me help me explore the joy of learning or help me out with my homework. Ok – only once I remembered of with MyMom. Perhaps there were other moments as well but as far as in my mind can recall, that was it. With that, it made me realized, that I hardly have any ‘model’ in teaching my own kids etc. To the books and internet I would seek some inspiration. I have no idea how far my kids will go with just my own tutoring but I’m giving my best and I know and have faith that my kids will give it their best too.

I’m not one who’d drill my kids to be the numero uno in all things academic while sacrificing the joy of learning. So, when MiLittlestChica excitedly uttered to me, “I want to learn! I want to learn!” as she tried out the piano app last night, I felt a sense of success in my parenting journey thus far! – “Celebrate your Success, No Matter How Small!” – that’s my mantra.

And again this afternoon, I faced with a situation with my CheekyBabyMunster. It happened that I caught her in a challenging situation with MiLittlestChica and her response wasn’t handled in a calm manner. At that point, I too had a choice. I could go with the easy way of just ignoring it all or go with the right way – finding out what happened, asked what’s bothering her, etc. I went with the right way. After all the fact finding’s done, my CheekyBabyMunster’s calmed down and I gave her a big bear hug. I shared with her the available options to her next response. I didn’t tell her what to do this time but giving her different situations that’s available for her to choose. This is my way of imparting the life skills in making their own decisions and its consequences.

As always, the magic of law of attraction (LOA) made its way at the right moment. It so happen that I was flipping through this newsletter CheekyBabyMunster received from school. And taaa-daa! How perfect! So I handed her this article, she read it and I further it a lil with their online quiz .

And All is well for now. So tell me.. How’s your Sunday so far?


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