Oh Craigs..


Today, I have one mission which need to be done and I have less than 24 hours now. And what am I doing here? Here’s some of my One Word Reasons/Options you can pick:

  • Procrastination
  • Boredom
  • Lazy
  • Unmotivated
  • Unfocused
  • Fickle

That’s pretty much it. So. What would a bored Gemini SAHM do while her CheekyBabyMunster’s resting from school? – She surfed. It’s interesting where all these surfing could take me! And this afternoon, I made a visit to Craigslist.

Craigs is not as hot as those in the States. Maybe it is, I’m just not aware. So I explored. Knowing that I have limited time to play with, I clicked on Creatives. And this one caught my attention.


I know it’s probably nothing and will not even bother anyone with that list. But what made me wonder is.. Why would one wanna take the leap in doing their first internet business when setting up a wordpress blog seems impossible to be done without outsourcing it? I mean, shouldn’t all these internet knowledge be at your fingertips as it’s your preferred mode of business?

Then again, that was my instinctive response when I first read it. After a while, my calm, compassionate self found a different view of understanding and yes.. I guess for some, one would rather be focused on their forte – which is probably the product or services they’re offering.

So what’s the point of all these chatter?

Hmm.. Personally, though I’m not academically trained to run a business but with a couple of hands-on experience I’ve had before and my endless curiosity about entrepreneurship, business and marketing, this ‘learning experience moment’ I’m having through my idle surfing has made me appreciate and better understand the whole concept and meaning of setting up a business.

Oh.. no. Actually.. my initial instinctive response to this was – “Wow. One can create income through setting up a wordpress blog? Well.. I Can Do That!!” – Yes. That’s Me. Always curious. Always seeking opportunity wherever it may be.

So what’s the moral of the story for today? – Note to Self: “Do not always be too quick to jump to conclusion, whatever the case may be. Learn to detach your responses from your own emotions. It’s nothing personal. Just business.

Alrighty. That’s off my system now.

Think it’s only fair for me to stay focused on the main things that needs to be done. – So I’m Gonna Work It Baby!

Ciao for now! TGIF y’all and Enjoy the Long Weekend All You FullTime Workers..

Ok.. I can be a tad bitter sometimes. *hee2*  Nothing major. Just negative vibes in me lately. You can ignore me now 😉 *lol*

Love y’alls!



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