These Are A Few of My Favorite Pools..




Pool - Qtown2

My first pool – Queenstown Swimming Complex. This was my playground. This was the place I learnt how to swim at age 3. This was the place I seek refuge in my growing up years. The place that inspired me to be a pro swimmer some day – that.. was my childhood dream.


This is where I would ‘communicate’ with my Nenek *lol* via sign gestures and really – just shouting. There was no mobile phones then. And we live just across the street. So my Nenek would always shouted from where she was – telling me to make my way back home! *lol* I was such a regular, even the pool attendants and swimming instructors knew us – thanks to our Nenek Maya.. *sweet*


Some time after my school days, I had a job at Holland Village, and this was my pool – Buona Vista Swimming Complex. The pool where I’d bring my *then lil* nephew for a dip in the afternoon.. Oh.. that was fun!


This is all I can get from the net. This is the old River Valley Swimming Complex. The one right opposite of Clarke Quay. Right at the foot of Fort Canning Hill. This was my favorite ‘City Center Pool’. Believe me, there was a time when I would always have my swim suit in my bag wherever I go – cos I love to take a dip whenever I felt like it.. For a HDB dweller like me, that’s just awesome.  This pool was the last of its retro kind then. Didn’t know it was shut down in 2003. Sad.. that I wasn’t around to take last dip in the pool and snap photos of it. I love the deep pool – a regular spot for scuba diving students. Lotsa nice memories for me there too *grin*


This is Delta Swimming Complex. I used to live just blocks away from it – Block  141 Viking Road. At that time, I didn’t really care much about swimming anymore as music was my main love. *lol* Then in my mid-20s, I got a job that’s just one bus stop away from the pool. It was my pre-married days. The days when I was very much the gym rat. So, my lunch afternoons were usually spent in that pool. Always a good swim. Always leaving me a tad too dark a tan.. *lol*

Well.. I’ve not been swimming much lately though I know I should. My life will never be the same without this sport. Looking forward, I’ve still got these in my To Do List:

  1. Scuba Dive
  2. Surf
  3. Windsurf
  4. KiteSurf
  5. Sailing
  6. Aqua Zumba
  7. Aqua Running

Wow.. Exciting list right? Now.. Let’s find the time to do them!

That’s all for today’s post! It’s a very wet and rainy Wednesday..

“If you can’t go to the pool to swim, you can always.. Blog About It!” – @justbeingarlyn

Cheers! xoxo


*ps: all swimming pool pics taken off the net*


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