Monday Blues. Living in the 2012. And Now.. I’m the Spontaneous Idealist!

It’s Monday once again! Yeay? Nay? If Monday is not that exciting enough, the weather is just gloomy, cloudy, rainy.. pretty much like my mood – unpredictable. And the mountain-high laundro’s still seeking my attention.. It’s 1547hrs and I’ve not done anything much domestically. I’m not much of a goddess on that part right now. I’m still clueless on what’s for dinner too. I’m just plain hopeless.

Listening to Bossa Nova Breakfast is all I’m good and that makes me happy – that’s all that matters right? Living in the present? Stay happy?

Just about two hours ago, I kinda craved that early 2012 part of my life. Then, I was that working mom. The one who contributed financially to the family. The one who’s always in a rush in the morning to drop off MiLittlestChica before I head to work and the one who’s always rushing home to fetch both MiLittlestChica and CheekyBabyMunster from their daycare. The one who had to whip up some dinner in lightning speed, get the kids fed, check on their schoolwork,homework, revision, bedtime story, catching up with their daily fun, and finally bedtime.

So why did I miss those times again? Oh.. Must be the pay days. The colleagues I had. The other activities & opportunities I had.. The extra perks here and there.. Oh! The Annual Leave! The Medical Leave! The Urgent Leave! *lol* The endless cups of coffee all day long.. The never ending emails and the endless phone calls – problem-solving! I guess with that job, it gave me a sense of belonging – for being me – not the mom or the wife. Just me. And look at these happy faces! Oh how I’ve missed them!

SE Gdbye

Then at about 1430hrs, I snapped this.. Call me a visual person but that makes it all worth it for me now. I can’t tell how my future’s gonna be. I can’t tell how her future’s gonna be.. But I’m just happy where I am right now. Happier than the way I felt an hour ago. I hope one day my CheekyBabyMunster and MiLittlestChica will appreciate the usual boring days like this.. Cos they’ve spent the days with their mom and not anyone else – a blessing they have and one I can truly offer in this lifetime.

Then to satisfy my own curiosity, in search of what I’m good at – one that’s good enough to earn me an income, I tried this ipersonic test. The result wasn’t something I’m surprised about. It’s expected. I just wish it could come with a more straight answer – the ‘living life’s manual’ type of answer. But life ain’t like that right? So for now, I’m just gonna be happy.. Stay happy as that Spontaneous Idealist. – as approved by ipersonic. So yes. I Am the Spontaneous Idealist!

All these wander.. in my mind for a cloudy, rainy Monday up till 1630hrs.

Spontaneous Idealist2


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