1st February 2013

New Month. Last Day of Work Week for some. So how was mine?

It was a tough wakey-wakey at 0530hrs today. Managed to do a quick 30 min run at the tracks with MisterHubster. It wasn’t a fast one nor was it a long run for me – just in between. I still heck at it 30 min at least. I wonder if I’ll ever be any better – Self-Doubt before sunrise.

Anyways, few hours later, in a typical gemini fashion, I decided to go for an hour of Zumba session – which I have not been going to for ages! As always, I was that sloppy-hands-everywher-kick-anywhere Zumba babe at the class today. I felt foolish but hey who cares! And I snapped out of it cos I decided to just have fun – it was never a test in the first place! *lol* So clicked on my ‘BeastMode’ and voila! Sweats dripping out of me like rainfall! I Sweat Buckets. – While I was at it, I wondered to myself if it is any good – to sweat buckets like that. I get the same way when I run too. So this kinda backs up my initial self-limiting innerchatter of “I prefer swimming to running cos I hate the sweat.” Hmm.. More research on that one now then – “Is too much sweating during workout a good thing? How much is excessive?”

Anyhoo, end of the session – I felt awesome. I felt so awesome I decided to find out more on how and what’s it like to be a Zumba instructor here in Singapore. Today’s instructor is really nice. I like her style. She ‘KILLED’ It! *lol* And it’s good that she’s open to share with me on how to be a part of ZIN. So that’s another for me to look out for. – I’ve thought about it before. Dreamt of becoming one too. And I thought I love Zumba enough for me to earn some income out of it and a better bodyshape of cos. I’m lazy. Wanna be paid to lose the weight. – Let’s see where this curiosity will take me this time.

Wokay. Gotta go now. Cos my CheekyBabyMunster’s all ready for her Internet time – 30 minutes. And she’s gonna try blogging too – her own way. Awesome.

Well, I think it’s a pretty good start to a new month! Hope yours will be great too. And TGIF y’all!


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