Why I Run, Stop, Run, Zumba and Run Again..


Allow me to complete my own incomplete post.

6 May 2009: It was the day. I had a nice 3.6km walk through Little India pushing my two-year old MiLittlestChica – right in the middle of the day with nothing else but just sheer determination.  I was still a SAHM then. I was in search of new challenges. So I guess, the dream of running a marathon was initially a lil fantasy I had in mind. – Until I finally made my own, I guess it will still just be that.

Anyways fast forward four years later, I’m still just beginner – hitting the pavements whenever I can. The difference? – A whole lot.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. All through my youth, I’ve always been the ‘Beach Goddess’. Water sports was all I would care for. I thought I couldn’t last long with all that sweat dripping etc. – now I know, that those were just words of utter lame excuse, negative self-talk pattern I have programmed for years.

In 2012, old girlfriends of mine introduced me to Zumba. It felt perfect! Love the music. Love the moves. Love the no. of calories it could burn! In short, it was just my pre-mommy old-self trying to fall back in love with all those dancing moments I used to have way back then. – I loved dancing. Before I tried Zumba, I kinda started back to my casual weekend runnings just to claim some Me Time.. And then I’d hit plateau or my knees start to hurt and I’d feel demoralized or just utter the lame excuse of “Oh.. Running is just too boring for me.”

I had a great time with Zumba. I loved it so much, till I had the opportunity to share my love of Zumba with a local magazine – it was featured on January 2013 edition. And JLo was on the cover of the magazine — How Perfect!

As I look back to my May 2009 post of how inspired I was with JLo’s first tri after giving birth to her twins, and now my featured article was with her on the cover – I call that LOA big time! *lol*

So with that, I felt it was only right for me to keep myself fit – no matter what the activity is gonna be. In honest truth, I’d hit my sloppiest and fattest mode ever in my entire life.

It’s been quite a journey. All I’m saying is.. The difference I feel towards running now is.. It’s a lifestyle change. No. First, it’s got to be my emotional change. Through self-help audiobooks – Louise L Hay, Wayne W Dyer – I’ve learnt to forgive myself and love myself more as I should. And since then, it’s been a very interesting journey.

I surprised myself with my own devotion and commitment to this activity. I kicked myself in the butt and clocked in at least 30 mins or 3km each day for 24 days straight! — that means a whole lot to me! Never before! So focused! I surprised myself at how disciplined I could be!

I guess all that commitment I’ve put in, inspired MisterHubster. We’ve always been that sporty couple. We loved running together early morning before work during our dating days. We’re the ones who’d prefer to be in the gym at 10pm on a Sunday night. We were young, carefree and full of energy! – Ten years down the road, we’ve allowed our negative selves took control of our time, emotions and energy.

On New Years eve of 2013, we did nothing big. No parties with friends. No fireworks watching with family and friends. But – we ran together at our neighbourhood running track before the countdown began and even after. We welcomed the new year while running on the tracks. — That was our first. And many more to come.

Then a week after that, my knees started to hurt. We picked all the running books we could grab our hands on from the public library to learn, be inspired and motivate ourselves in this running business. Finally I realized, I was getting the ITBS – liotibial band syndrome. For nine straight days, I couldn’t run. I felt trapped. Cranky. Messed up in my head.

Now I’m back on the tracks. Slowly but surely. I’m also learning how to reprogram my negative chatter. And yes – I’ve signed up for my first 5K run this March – Thanks to @k_santhi

Today, a friend mentioned to me – how my postings of my running has inspired her to get back to her own running routine. Wow. That’s just awesome! I guess when I’m driven by passion – that’s when I’m at my most element – as true as I can be. As free as I can feel.

The past few days been pretty blah. I’m just like that sometimes. Must be the boredom. The lack of activity or whatnots – Excuses Begone!

So yes.. I think I’ve completed that incomplete post. In my perfectionist fantasy world, I would wanna write it in another way.. but that will take forever for me to end. I’ll just take baby steps for now – yup. Just like running – just on foot after the other. One day at a time.

And all is well. That’s for sure.


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