Reminisce. And Be Present.

Just a quick note.

As I sit here next to my CheekyBabyMunster, she’s doing her school revision and I read/surf/blog.

Can’t help but to notice. How I’m creating my own moment. Legacy even (perhaps).

All I’m trying to say is.. The only time I remembered sitting with my momma and doing up my homework – well that wasn’t really a fun one! *lol* I must’ve frustrated her cos I’ve erased my that piece of paper so hard till a pretty big hole appeared! It seems funny now.. But dang! That must’ve been my first experience in being one perfectionist!

Anyhoo.. Now that I’m a mother myself, I feel for my momma more now..

I’m not perfect. I can’t say my childhood days didn’t mean a thing to me but I’m still that adult healing her own innerchild on a daily basis.

It’s been better days the past two (days). Gonna go break some sweat and do some runs right after I pick up MiLittlestChica.

Some days, I’d feel all dazed, floaty, unfocused.. Some days I’m at my best! Today, I’m just making the best of what can happen. No pressure. *who am I kidding right?*  – I know I’ll feel better soon – right after the laps – that I can be sure of lately..

Why is it so hard to leave the past behind? Is it because you’re not supposed to.. for it can never be left like it’s never happened before.. but just keep on moving forward. Will that help? At this moment, I think that’s the best I can do. – Just keep on moving forward.

– @justbeingarlyn


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