Let’s Start Early Today

Ah.. So I just came across this today. No wonder I felt all messed up inside! Oh well! The great thing.. The reading was for yesterday. Monday Blues are gone!

It’s Tuesday morning here baby!

I woke up feeling a lil ‘undecided’ – kinda ‘brought along that moody feeling’ to the earlier part of the morning. Then I made a conscious effort to snap out of it. Cos really, I’m a very positive and happy person inside! – just go ahead and ask some of my best buddies! They’ll prolly say I’m always the silly funny one!

I’m not one who’s SO into all these horoscope readings, but it’s just fun and being a true Gemini, I’m always curious! But I don’t take those readings 100% to my life’s events though sometimes it do get waaaaay too spot on! *lol*

Anyways, *think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts* – it’s a brand new day! Let’s ‘Play Selective’ today! I have a choice to select the positives in all – the thoughts I put in my head, the words I say, my body language and facial expression, the things I read, the things I hear.. – in short and in my usual response to this — snap on the earphones and bring out the Audiobooks! I’m gonna spend my day with Anthony (Robbins), Og (Mandino), Louise (L Hay), Wayne (W Dyer) – just to name a few.

So what if I hardly meet up with my girlfriends, I’ve great quality ‘friends’ to kick my ass today! And I’m planning to have a great day ahead today too!

Well, I think it ain’t too bad so far! But first, I’m just gonna shnuggle up in bed with MiLittlestChica just a lil bit more..

Have a great day ahead everyone!

xoxo @justbeingarlyn


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