“Hello WordPress. We meet again.”

Ok. Let me try this.. – “Hello WordPress. We meet again.”

As fickle as a true Gemini can be, I can’t help but to flick back to WP after I’m stuck with the other blog template.  As much as I would really love to, in a perfect Me kinda life, I would prolly write out all the things that’s been clogging in my head. But I think I’d prolly be forced to shut my blog down by then.

So.. Twenty-five days of Year 2013 has passed. So do I write back all the things that has happened or shall I just look forward and plan for the future instead. Even at this very moment, I’m still unsure. Sometimes, I really wish all things in life comes with their own SOP – makes one’s life like mine be a lot more livable. At times I can’t help but to prefer being around those of the same star sign as me cos at least I will have a certain kinda bond or compassion towards each other’s challenging behavior.

Alrighty.. My mind’s still very ‘messy’, disorganized, but with an urgent need to ‘get it all out’ but all I can come up with now are just empty babbles.. Perhaps I’m tired. Perhaps sleep will do me good.

I’m looking forward to my early morning run. That’s when I’d truly feel a lot better about myself. Then again, both my outer knees seems to be back with the ITBS nagging sensations again – “It’s just sensation.. not aching pain. My knees are strong. We can get through this! I have faith in my body’s strength!” — there.. hoping my affirmation/visioning/sending out my intention will work it’s way somehow. – I hate moments like this.

*Breathe In.. Breathe Out.*

Ok I think this attempt is not working out again. But as they always say.. When in doubt, count your blessings. So I think I shall end my night with that then.

Here is my Gratitude List for 25 Jan 2013:

  • *blank*


You know what? I can’t do this. My soon-to-be six year old is waiting for me to just lie down next to her so she can show me the wonders of the pop-up book I borrowed for her.

Once again. Hate me for all the incomplete post. But really. This is what being a true blue Gemini SAHM is all about. – Always seems impossible but never giving up!



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