From 2009 – 2012. And Then 2013.

@justbeingarlyn: Then & Now..
“So.. This is Me… SOON! *lol*” — That didn’t quite make it there as soon as I wish it would. *lol* Shall I blame it on procrastination? Or will my ultra busy life be a better reason? *haahaa*
Anyhoo.. That was how I’d envisioned myself – way back in 6 May 2009. Way way back when my lil Mia was lil.. Like two year old lil. 
Reading back that last post, I remember it was a post filled with great enthusiasm and say, accomplishment – for a momma and toddler in a buggy – zipped her way on foot and buggy all through Little India and all the way past it. I covered 3.6km in the hot sun, in the middle of the day, with no good running shoes. – It felt great. Liberating!
At that point in time, I remember how JLo managed to run her marathon right after her delivery of twin babies. That pretty much spurred me on!

Now.. back in 2012. – I’ve not been running much let alone the marathon! But something made me fall back in love with this thing called Running. 

Then I Got Distracted. Procrastinated. Saved the Draft. Incomplete & Published on 25 Jan 2013 

Am I the only one who ever get this way? 


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