“We are all helpless. – It just depends on the day.”

August 2012. That was the last time I gathered my thoughts and clicked on the PUBLISH button on my blogspot.  It’s been four months. And today is 12/12/12. 

*breathe in.. breathe out..* – conscious effort to trust myself to just let the fingers go with whatever thoughts come to my mind. Four months later and I’m still working hard at it.

Alright. So today, it is pretty much my helpless day. I hate days like this. Spent all my waking hour plugged in to loads of audiobooks – just to chase my negative chatter away. 

I acknowledge the progress I’ve made since many months ago. It was empowering to know that I’m moving forward – not to please anyone but to myself. 

And today, since a few days back, I sensed The Darkside of Me slowly crept back in. I didn’t wish for that. I didn’t call for that. Perhaps it’s just a thought to remind me that I still have lotsa learning to work on this part of my life. 

Lemme just fill in the things that pretty much bother me right this moment. Oh wait. That would be like telling the Old Story. Instead, let’s work on the progress in telling my New Story.  Then again.. I’ve just lost that writing mode 😦 

*Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!*   I need some clarity.  Will pop by again soon.

Anyhoo. Will be back soon. xoxo 




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