It’s My Healing Process

“Children begin by loving their parents;

as they grow older they judge them;
sometimes, they forgive them”

 – Oscar Wilde

(By grace of) **Subhan’Allāh, I came across this beautiful article and I thought – how perfect it is since Eid is just round the corner!

Whether one had been abused – physically, emotionally, mentally, verbally or by neglect – or to those who’s been blessed and has never been abused, I would really encourage one to do a quick read as you will never know who you may assist or peruse this awareness and hopefully it will inspire us all to be a more compassionate person inside and out – no matter what race, religion or status we may all come from..



*Mā šāʾ Allāh (ما شاء الله) is an Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned.

**Subhan’Allāh (Arabic سبحان الله) is an Arabic phrase often translated as “Glorious is God.”


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