FOCUS: Locked On!

I am just so exhausted now. But it’s been a really solid 1.5hrs of keeping present to mi chicas as they complete their school work.

After last night’s incident and discussion we had, I am taking the challenge we’re faced with right now with more gusto!

So I’ve called it ‘Parenting ver. 2.1’. I tweeted about it last night and it felt so right. Here’s a re-cap of my post-discussion with Mr Hubster:

@justbeingarlyn: Just like in the corporate world, we’ve bombed our current project. Time to re-strategize! Parenting ver. 2.1 coming right up! #Parenting

@justbeingarlyn: Step 1 of Parenting ver. 2.1: Martha Stewart (mode), You’re Fired! – We can live even if that blardy frames on the wall ain’t 100% straight!

@justbeingarlyn: Step 2 of Parenting ver. 2.1: ‘Rachel Ray’ – You’re Fired too! – Bring in the Tingkats for Lunch & Dinner!

@justbeingarlyn: Step 3 of Parenting ver. 2.1: ‘Nate Berkus’ – You can go on leave till 2013. – We’re raising the Champs right nw. Let’s call in the Coaches!

@justbeingarlyn: Step 4 of Parenting ver. 2.1: The Domestic Goddess has just resigned. – Seeking that Spanglish helper – Young Male version preferred. 😉

@justbeingarlyn: Step 5 of Parenting ver. 2.1: Cost-Cutting Measure: All unnecessary snacks & gifts suspended! – U want it, U work for it. Think Branson.

What keeps me motivated ever more is the breaking news I just read of the President’s Scholarship Recipients:

And as always, like a true LOA miracle, I stumble upon this quote:

“Amazing People Do Not Just Happen.”

‘Nuff said. Rest for now. Then it’s bedtime story for mi chicas.

Only then I shall complete one chapter of Keith Harrell’s ‘Attitude Is Everything For Success’

What amazes me even more is how all the motivational speakers/authors whom I’m getting to know of or love are all part of the Hay House group.

Anyways, here’s wishing one and all a great day/evening ahead wherever you are.


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