Mother’s Day Weekend & Mrs Stripey Flabbalicious Tumtum

It’s the Mother’s Day Weekend.

Ironically I’m experiencing some hate-moments with my flabby, tiger-stripey, stretchmark tummy as I lay in bed tonight. – “It’s Mother’s Day Week for heaven’s sake!”, I thought to myself.

My mind reminded me – it’s this flabby, loose-skinned tummy is where carried both my beautiful, talented chicas for nine months each.. I should be grateful for all the joy it has given me. I should be more appreciative of my tummy. I should celebrate the existence!

But in a funny way, I felt otherwise – very unlike me.

And so, like all the works of ‘miracles’, I stumbled upon Boe. In it she asked, “Why spend the rest of your life wishing you looked 18?” – And that I have to say, left quite an impression on me.

So.. Stripey, Loose-Skin, Flabby Tummy of Mine – I’m with you – whatever the stage or challenges we may both face in the future. For I choose to be alive, live a life & appreciate the wonders of the world, friendship & so much more..

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

And to all types of Mothers all over the world..


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