The New Adventures of @justbeingarlyn

So that was me.. till about two weeks ago.

I’m back to the most challenging job in the world; as how my dentist mentioned to me this morning; I’m now back as a full-time stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).

It’s been quite an adventure to be back in the corporate world after nearly five years out of the scene. There were challenges, surprises, heartaches, joy, satisfaction and all the things one would get when you’re out there.

My first week as the ‘CEO of my Household’, got me into the full-blown flu – for all of us – me and mi chicas. No.. I think I missed out. It started with a terrible terrible migraine which lasted nearly two days during the Easter holiday weekend. It wasn’t fun at all but spending time with my famfam and my extended family from overseas just made it really worth it. And then the flu started – out of nowhere. For nearly two weeks, I was bugged with stuffy nose, bad throat, aching body. Friends and colleagues from CubicleVille thought I was having the time of my life enjoying my freedom. – If only they knew.

But I’m pretty much motivated to see some positive changes in mi chicas. It’s little progress and I believe gradual babysteps will prove the change to be more everlasting.

I was blessed to finally get the chance to be a part of Stella’s Mum, full force right now. It’s a little slow to start but I’m sure we’ll get there. I’m very excited and all geared up to set the groove on and with positive belief that it will create the ripple effect we’re all hoping for.

For some weird reason, my LOA seems to be running in full speed and it somehow got me to opportunities I never imagined. So with such excitement, positive focus and great belief in my potential, I made that big, giant, step – which may or may not be the best thing that could ever happen to me professionally. – That was like a week ago.

One night, I had a nice long discussion with Mr EB on how I should be taking this new opportunity where it should be and it kinda hit me – “.. am I ready for this? Do I deserve this? Am I good enough?”  The whole negative mode just opened up its floodgates and bothered me in every single part of me. I fell defeated to the negatives in my mind and it took control over me for the past few days. Even till yestereday.

Today, I consciously made the effort to stay focused, to get out of this negative slump and faced my (childhood) fear – trip to the dentist! Yes. The child in me just surfaced each time I think about it. And today, I had my wisdom tooth extracted. I have to admit that my really assuring and gentle dental surgeon did a great job in keeping me calm. From now on, I shall no longer be bothered by the fear that was instilled in me since I was a kid. *lol*

Moving forward, I’m just excited to see all the new adventure I’ll be getting in this new (yet not so new) role as a SAHM – the one who’ll always be – Mommy First, and Nurturing & Loving Myself unconditionally, in order for me to be the person that I always believe I will be.

It’s good to be back to my life – both offline and online.

Now let’s work on the process and keep on moving forward!

Thank you Almighty.. Thank you Universe. For giving me the many opportunities for me to make the best of my life’s potential.

Sincerely xoxo, @justbeingarlyn


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