Here It Comes..

So.. the guys here starting to make me feel oh so pathetic for spending the eve of my birthday all alone! For a moment I felt crappy.. then I got back to my authentic self – I have the whole night to myself! Like hooorrrrraaayyy babes! Turning 42 in less than 30mins yo! I can […]

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Seven Months Later..

Seven months later, since my last blog post – No major miles clocked in. No consistent run whatsoever. Just when I felt I need to find my running mojo again, this pops up in my FB timeline. I got my motivation back right there. After a day of total recuperation from losing my voice, flu and whatnots […]

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Run. How hard is it to run? It’s just placing that one foot after the other. It’s an everlasting love for some. Or it could be a love/hate kind – just like mine. Run. I love running. Or maybe it’s just the post-running endorphin talking. Or jog. Today I felt like a rollypolly thumping the […]

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It’s just been 29mins since the weekend goes back to weekday. And though I’m not gonna face the bleak, dreading, manic Monday like the rest of the world would tomorrow, I just feel a tad too much of the blahness in me. Maybe it’s just one of those days.. But if I were to explain […]

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“Happy Birthday, Me!”

Way too many things been going on in my life since the last I post. My running days gone on non-existent mode but somehow I made it through.. And what better way to welcome my birthday – it’s QuickAMRun with Me, Myself and My Running Feet!  And oh! Remember my photo submission to SHAPE Magazine’s […]

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